What cause is making the humans worry?

Today I would like to talk about the topic what cause is making the humans worry? Some people consider that condition seems to be normal but in the fact worry is caused by having the lack of resourcefulness, having no future, being indecisive person, too much having a bad influence in their life rather than having a good influencing.

Worrying often leads the human being to the impaired mentality problem, worrying people will not able to concentrate during facing the new opportunity because worrying activity is making human vitality to be declined, so those people who ever make a complaints, those people who never succeed because they are busy complaining about what they think and they feel about the circumstance and those people who have habit like that, they never truly become what they want to be.

Having social relationship often bring the unimportant thing to the group of people because not at all human being in this group are able to handle pressure, and most favorable pressure is caused by many variant opinions in conversation between them, those people will not get happiness if they keep doing it, basically that social problem only leads group of people to be temperamental people.

Worrying activity can drain the energy and make you think you probably will not get any kind of opportunity, so worrying or not you make it for a day, the most worrying result will not happen during all day because worrying about the near future will make you becoming fearful person, the most dangerous thing in this life is when you worry about the future means you don’t have the future’s time in the following day because you waste your energy and your vitality by worrying, the only thing we can create the future is by doing something useful to pay what you want to become by exchanging your future with your today’s time.