What is the definition of inspiration?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the definition of inspiration, based on English dictionary, it is part of good new idea, and the inspiration usually is very exciting to be heard, to be seen, in addition it can help people to fix his old mindset and also it’s can guide people to learning something new from it.

We must know that the characteristic of inspiration is absolutely bring positively, it never influence people to resist the kindness, the inspiration can become a responsive when there is person who is sincerely seeking the answer and feeling curiosity about his life, every inspiration can be detected automatically when we desire to follow our guts and follow the nature law such as discipline, consistent, be positive thinker, honesty, keep evolving and etc.

The billion years ago the universe has been created by almighty GOD in order to make the universe follows the nature law, till now the universe keep steadily expanding it, this statement has been verified deeply in the holy Qur’an “Dzariyat verse 51 chapter 47” it verily said 1400 years ago “We construct the Heaven within might, and verily it’s we who we are steadily expanding it”.

Now we return to the topic, basically inspiration can be collected when we don’t follow our feeling of pride and we don’t follow our feeling of egoism, both powers are always be obstacles and it surrounds us, the best way how to get the inspiration is keep seeking the finder, that is the main key to unlock the ultimate wealth, who is the finder? That is we called Almighty GOD, and He is showing us the sign of God existence on earth and others creature.

So in this life has full of uncertainty, all we need to do is learning like a crawling baby who keeps learning how to stand firmly, once He is falling down fifty times on the floor and then he is falling down again until he knows who he is and how he succeeds recognizing himself to stand up, that’s inspiration, if you don’t keep looking the inspiration, your soul will find the desperation.