What is the importance of power of justice?

In this topic I would like to talk about what is the importance of power of justice, the first thing I would remind you that power of justice can’t be measured by seeing how much money or how much stuff do you have, the power of justice can be measured by appreciating the balance between the rhythm of mentality and the rhythm of emotional intelligent in order to sustain something bigger than human’s imagination and the power of justice usually compel human’s resources in order to have the good capacity to learn the degree of mistake in order to raise his standard.

In addition the power of justice will be questioning about how much time does someone sacrifice to study something importance to offer most people needs and those result of full service will be rewarded with another justice such the gift of knowledge and the gift of huge profit, so the benefit of having the power of justice is educating people to release the good purpose and deny the evil purpose within their soul.

The power of Justice can’t be educated to ungrateful people because they are always denying everything they already possess, and if the ungrateful people are allowed to collect everything they want without possessing the power of justice, they will utilize the unlimited wealth for the purpose of evil, that is the reason many people are willingly to choose die poor rather than die rich, what I mean of die poor is someone is having egoism to serve himself only without thinking about most people needs.

The power of justice is part of human resources and there is no impossible to gain the unlimited wealth in this life except humans are allowed themselves to lock his potential energy and there is another consequent if humans don’t want to educate themselves with the power of justice, as result they always get the poor of knowledge and the poor a quality of thinking, so in this life they are busy to judge the circumstance and always blame people’s mistake rather than thinking about something importance.