What kind of speed I should need to accelerate passion in this life?

I would like to talk about the what kind of speed I should need to accelerate because that will lead some people to build the life career, there are some several prerequisites people need to do, the first speed people need to access with is removing the unproductive activity and having a clear passion because every passion is having own power to evolve when there is no obstacles within such as removing the negativity feeling during accessing human’s power of passion.
                                           keep moving forward
To stabilize the power of passion, people need to access the positive energy, because the positive energy is always creating positive power to help people to create an idea, that is the ultimate speed, if there is no a clear passion, definitely brings no creation, if there is creation definitely has no control
 the main duty of passion is helping the human to recognize the potential habit and measure the human power how people accelerate focus on the target, all process needs repetition and practice because that is the prerequisite of nature, after people realize that there’s prerequisite of nature, they must try to follow the rule first
                                      accelerate the power of passion

the second speed people need to do is forgetting the past time, considering what people need to do today’s time is very important because time is always counting human activity forwards to the future without waiting human being in the past time, the third speed people need to do is reschedule how to repeat the process to make the passion towards to completed target in short time such as practicing their craft and people nowhere to go except they already fulfill the small target.
                                        make your passion into gear

Sometimes people should learn from the fish habit, the fishes do not too concern about strong current from the river and the fishes don’t too concern about the dirty water or the waste, because they believe about life system and live through with it, the fishes keep swimming to survive, there is no option for the fish to complain about the circumstance, they choose whether to dead or alive, they tend to keep alive.