What’s the best asset in this life?

I would like to talk about the question what’s the best asset in this life?, I assume that this question has been mysterious since this question had been asked by the ancient people long time ago because they thought the best asset was determining something to the new revolution, when they were inventing some practical equipment such as James Watt, Thomas Edison, etc.

The best asset for them at that time was looking for the inspiration, the inspiration will be detected automatically when human allow their subconscious mind going to the right place, the inspiration may not bring the successful in everyone mindset but at least every inspiration will teach people how to relearn about the lesson which may be forgotten or be neglected by human being.

 The inspiration is not easily going through to the human mindset because most people don’t know about the requirement level which is given by the new opportunity, another reason why most people are failing before stepping the milestone because they still commit repeating the same mistake in their standard level and also they still enjoy the mistake in the comfort zone area, as result the inspiration will not get caught by the human’s five sense, the main cause why the inspiration can’t be learnt because most people behave to be stubborn people, showing the pride or being arrogant people.

The ingenious asset should be renewed from the human mentality first such as renewing purpose, renewing the intention, renewing spirit of creativity and renewing decision, we don’t know when the best asset can be chosen by people in order to serve a good source of information, but at least all we can to do now is ensuring the human mindset is in the right position or improving the habit because those inspirations will not come once the bad habits abide, it’s law. Now we can conclude that the inspiration covers knowledge, good experience, book, good advice, life of creatures, the inanimate thing and the normal function at universe’s law. The last direction I would share to you how to maintain the good asset, if you want to invent the good asset in your time being, you just need to maintain the three major things in your life namely the right method, the right mindset and the good habit.