Where the human‘s GPS location is?

GPS Device

Today in this topic I would like to share how to detect where the human’s GPS location, at this moment I would try to invite you thinking together about what’s GPS function? the answer; GPS function is being designed to resurrect the human’s ambition and the human’s hope, nevertheless, that is the important clue, GPS function lies within the human’s clear horizon , unfortunately if we see in this new century age, there are many adult people are losing the clear horizon, so that everything they see lots and they hear lots, they just make themselves to become dummy (they are just copied of real thing), meaning as if they have no future because they have lost the important value such vitality, ambition, and faith.

Now we can look at the GPS’s function in the car, the GPS is kind of device which it is designed to help people to make clearest position before they finally execute their movement to the location, so basically GPS is not teaching human being to get the shortcut method to become successful person but GPS is teaching humans being how to make clearness of hope in the future, and hopefully it gives a good influence to human being.

But we must realize that GPS need a signal, that is the most important thing in order to activate all human virtues, when the signal is turning off, everything human possession becomes futile because time will erode everything such as human’s creativity becomes duds, human’s passion declines, finally human being is easily being desperate person, it is caused by human’s lack of resourcefulness, once the signal is turned on, all human virtues can be processed, the best answer how to predict where the human GPS location is all are depending to human’s decisiveness level and passion level. When the GPS’s signal is being turned On due to humans have willingness to learn something, the human’s potential energy is opened automatically, otherwise once the signal disengages the opportunity because of wrong focus, so that human potential is shutdown as well.

Once GPS device has been turned into the power of Hope, your soul will not engage the doubt automatically because your soul has found the ultimate wealth within human brain, the only thing we can do now is doing the repetition, practicing good habit and staying the retention of hope.