Why the human’s rule creates the desperation?

Today I would like to talk about the question why human’s rule creates the desperation to others, based on statistic value on successful people’s habit, they have similar thinking way; namely breaking their own rules, this statement may seem give the unstructured idea, but take a note this word “breaking rule means breaking unsatisfactory feeling to keep evolve and discard the unproductive habit

Most people agree that the cleverest person in the world will do something for money and solve many difficulties problem to get the satisfaction feeling and rewards, but in the end they are still relying the job and keep working on the company, if they think they smarter than anybody does, they should create the self-rule to evolve and handle the risk they are facing, not fleeing away from the reality, in my opinion only those people who are following the rule without considering the risk within, those are part of the most desperation people, the main reason why most people like to create the desperation, because those people who can’t deal with their own rule, furthermore they have failed to break the self-rule and accept limitation.

The limitation is like the numbers of seed, a seed equals the human talent, when someone is digging a hole and start to cultivate it, a seed can shape a new hope, limitation doesn’t mean limitation which it’s stop growing, the limitation means it’s growing in one field area, in this life we just choose one option among two options; desperation or inspiration, we can value based on the statistic result; if people’s capability still can’t evolve or it doesn’t work, that means they choose the life of desperation, That's law how to recognize your own mindset; inspiration or desperation are living in the option and it can’t be separated, if you can’t search the inspiration, you can be the inspiration to yourself and create your own philosophy to be studious person, don’t just wait the uncertain reward from other people, because if you don’t make it happen, you engage the life of desperation automatically.

 Averagely the human’s law content about the sign of warning and focus to give the punishment to those people who aren’t following it, sometimes I am very shocked with the human rule which it can’t inspire to other people, because when people are losing faith about what they are going to do with the rules, people will go blind of hope.