Why lack of use causes loss?

Today I would like to talk about the topic why lack of uses causes loss, some people think that the causing of loss because of losing the money or losing the gold or the expensive stuff, it’s totally wrong , remember this note, no matter you have lost your valuable stuff, you can find it to another place or you can ask someone else to buy it, but when you lost the vitality and ingenuity, no one will be able to represent it because those are the human resourcefulness, it will not be able to apply to other people’s aptitude.

There is no one will get a luck until they have used everything they had in the past and prove it by today, loss is not always losing the valuable thing which it can be seen by the naked eyes, the real meaning of loss is something priceless which it can’t be exchanged with the expensive stuff in this world such as faith, vitality, ingenuity, time, healthy, ambition, determination, etc.
the ignorance creature

Loss may create disappointment and prejudice in human’s feeling, before it begins to the reality, we need to see what you can learn from your past life experience, whether your life goes stagnancy or your life is getting started to engage the courage, sometimes our mentality is being tested with engaging the disappointment in order to make us believe stronger with the good paradigm, and paradigm will reflect to what you feel about loss, don’t ever try to waste the time overly because time will not running in loop, time is like an ice cube, whether you use it or not, it will be melting and it will not be reused, feeling regret is not helping you to improve everything, instead it will influence you to think negativity.

During you have the sufficient time in this life to evolve, you must practice your craft and spending your time on it, the miracle will happen when you stop expecting and start appreciating what you have got in your capable hands, once you keep improving something now, it will regain and reshape the new vitality and as result your creativity will not diminish and will create the everlasting hope and create the new inspiration for others.