Why there is no shortcut to get success?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about reason why there is no shortcut to get success, that power of question has been influenced by thousands of people to consider which best method will attract the success, every element of mistake is making progress of because you will never know what will happen to this life except you make a mistake and learn from it, that is the natural rule.

Actually the shortcut is the part of laziness people’s habit, the laziness people usually are fussy once they get a new problem because they are lack of resources, I would remind you that skipping process is not allowed to do because success has ingrained data and if the data is uncompleted, there is no meaningful of success within and as result will create the destruction to human’s life career. On the other hand that success is like a picture puzzle’s game, we will not get meaningful success when one of picture’s puzzles is gone, that is the prerequisite process we need to analyze.

Sometimes the shortcut method is needed to resolve the small issue but every shortcut method will not give human learning about the self-education, and also it will not create the mentality power for human being, here the most people don’t get the meaning of success, the logic leads human to think from the process data A till Z (alphabetic) but the power of imagination will lead human being to make creativity and ignore the shortcut ways because the hopeful people realize the shortcut ways will end the people’s hope and drown out the human mentality power.

Discipline is the reasonable answer to make the real method how to get the everlasting success because discipline educates humans how to keep practicing and create the potential energy after practicing at least 10.000 hours, so I will remind you again that there is no instant process to achieve the greatest success, so please respect the process and always make a progress in every human’s limitation.