Why there must be limitation within human being?

 In this topic I would like to answer about reason why there must be limitation within human? There are several points importance regarding the human limitation, the human limitation is divided by two kind; intention and interaction, if both can’t support one another, the value will be diminished, people usually use the limitation to learn about what they should do or what they shouldn’t do in their purpose of life then they will try to memorize the voice and the lesson about what they need to embrace the ambition, I would say that the human limitation can be changed to become a new chance when it has been set into clearest goal and being improved frequently.

I just want to remind you that not at all rules have been designed to please the human potential, sometimes we need to allow ourselves to study why there must be a limitation and it has been set when we were child, the question is “to what purpose?”, why every children are not educated to break the chain of rule which it has been managed by adult people, we can conclude that every children are having the aptitude program from the universe but the children have no controlling program within their brain. Based on example above we can learn that humans actually have no limitation if they are allowed themselves to evolve but sometimes our egoism and our proud are restricting our aptitude program, so that most people are prefer to wait something uncertain rather than being creative person in order to be waited by something greatness in the short time.

the characteristic of limitation usually helps people to recognize their characteristic of vision they have had in the past time, the vision is created to control between the progress and the final result from the human’s daily activity or daily ritual, this life will control the human limitation automatically if humans just follow the circumstance, and not considering within circumstance that there are pain, suffer, disappointment, doubt, etc. there is only one effective method to break human rule: the first thing you must do; you are not allowed to work for money but you focus by working for being the creative person, the second thing; learning something new in particular purpose that you haven’t learned it yet before, you can build the self-commitment rule such as giving the self-punishment once you failed and give the reward once you succeed.

Nothing to worry about your limitation, the limitation is being built in order to test everyone capability whether they are ready to take the responsibility or not, every human limitation basically can be changed into a new opportunity once someone recognizes about what value he has in the short time