How to educate the parasites person

The parasite person who relies on someone else's help without making acquisition

Today I would like to share how to educate the parasites person from our life, as we know that parasite person will not leave to the comfort zone as long as there’s good resources in its surrounding area, maybe you will think the parasite person never exist in this world, the parasite person is the kind of person who is unable can use the potential within himself because he lacks of use and lack of inspiration, this habits can cause him losing hope about the bright future, we call him as the desperation statue, so the parasites person relies on everything looks better than he can deserve in the normal life, his life doesn’t want to evolve not because he doesn’t want to evolve himself, but there’s main cause; he is dragging himself to the desperate space area and he lives for too long, so in the reality he can’t see everything clearly although he can see around, so his destiny was stuck to the time travel in the past and he was unable to escape from his willingness.
Spending lots but no earning

The first thing we should do how to educate the parasites person is inviting him to talk and think about the crucial issue, or inviting him to search about the most interesting place in which case making him more enlightened, making him more excited, remember this note; when you do it regularly for him, unwittingly you have helped him activating his own philosophy.
Being couch potato is the one of parasites person's habit

The most important thing before you help him to invoke his own mindset is improving your philosophy first, let your philosophy guides him, the miracle will not happen in this life suddenly once the human’s philosophy has never existed in this world, once again I will tell you “the miracle will happen when you have the strong reason to evolve from the desperation life and you do something regularly although you have never done beforehand, the miracle keeps you walking staggered forward in order to get out from that desperation area, the miracle will not happen when there’s no one has never tried about that ritual before

Live today and you will be forgotten by yesterday

Today I would like to share about how to live today and enjoy the life by living the present moment in order to avoid the friction from yesterday’s moment, we must know that remembering the past time is one way how today’s moment will forget us, the life is no longer supporting us if we just keep remembering the yesterday’s moment and focus on the yesterday’s moment.

There are several reason we need to make before we will remember the yesterday’s moment, the first question is “how much worthy shall I get from that yesterday’s moment?” the second question is “Is there any risky area will hurt me immensely? Please take note, yesterday’s space and yesterday’s time travel were totally different with today’s moment and yesterday’s moment would give you a lot of desperation to your peacefully heart if we keep repeating, we can’t return back to the time travel when we had already been there.

Remembering the positive side in yesterday’s moment was good option, and don’t just held party to welcome yesterday’s moment because the space area would abandon your feeling of pleasure, the area we should note is learning about failure and mistake, without any the failure and mistake’s existence, we don’t really know whether our potential is growing or not, the place area we should thank is the moment we made a lot of mistaken but we still get happier from it, the moment we endure the pain but we keep being persistent and the moment we can still appreciated the utmost suffering about the unsatisfied result.

I am pretty sure three moments area above mentioned will give us the biggest reward in this life and those critical moment will help us to identify the problem faster than anyone else does because we have realized earlier about what we experienced with the variously critical problem, the key of information we should remember is finding our blind spot area that we need to improve and making a critical question in order to educate our mind to think better to what happen in today, not yesterday, remember; the brain is like a principles of parachute, it doesn’t have willingness to work when there is no jumping down

Don’t just focus on pushing your limit

Today I would like to share about the mentality, everyday brain is working at least 8 hours for working, and we push our limitation to achieve the target until we know tomorrow we are going to face our limitation, at that time we realize that our limitation can’t do something better than what we expect it.
Train the mentality muscle to widen your limitation

The human mentality is like a body muscles, when we don’t train by lifting some weights, our body muscles are not shaped enough, we need to train our mentality by doing differently, it started with creating new topic, creating new idea, solving the other people’s problem, learning how to train the mind about the fact, learning how to stop too much expectations, that‘s the series program we need to do in order to focus on larger possibilities, not just pushing our limit.
Embrace the larger possibility to reach the unlimited journey
Remember this note; our limit can be measured by the amount of money or the type of responsibility we will receive regularly, if we don’t employ our energy and our mentality to work for us, we will forfeit its function, the longer we don’t employ them to work, the longer we lose its functional, it can be over permanent. I would like to remember you again, human being is part of 0.1% the universe, and the universe is the mother of human’s potential energy, and the potential energy is limitless.
Pull the potential energy to work

We need to look for the other side of human’s brain character to unlock the potential energy because without any friction, the human’s brain character always find pleasure and avoid the suffering, let we contemplate about life, in fact the brain doesn’t want to utilize the pain because the brain is not well trained to taste the pain, every human has two side of soul in which case they work in opposite way, namely love and pain, if we get them together and make them work together, it will create a miracle but if we let them work separately, we will lose hope, that’s law.

The limitation comes from the lack of resourcefulness and the brain gives us the signal of information that every pleasure means nothing more interesting in this life except living and tasting its limitation, when we decide it such thing, the brain doesn’t want to work better, and we will work on our weaknesses.

Why being persistent guy is so powerful

Today I would like to share about being persistent guy, this is going to be play hard for you because you really push your limit, push an enjoyable weekend to keep out of the safe area, everything seems unhappy to face the truth and there is no way out once you are just grumpily to what happen in this life, when you think you extremely suffer, you will get more suffering result from every best decision you made.

Life is not making you happy, but you can create happiness with your best version, when life is knocking you down with many times of failure, you only need to stand up and do something else to pay back your failure, create a commitment to specific area you want to improve, that’s way how you pay your failure.

Being persistent doesn’t mean you need to become bold or being stubborn, but being persistent guy because you really vest with something you like the most, you have the personal right to make your life better, making strong reason is one way to make you think different rather than most people do, but remember, making strong reason is not guaranteeing you how to become happier person, but it will make you to become helplessness person, suffering is not optional you need to avoid but you must try suffering it in order to know whether you are already mature guy or not to take higher responsibility.

Life is moving neutral, when you think that you are feeling weakness, so your mind and body will become weak automatically, when you think you don’t want to do , life is not supporting you, when you don’t want to see any better opportunity, life will not offer you the opportunity, the persistent guy is always seeing another point of view where it is having greatness in his blind spot area, there’s way how to train your mind to think better is callousing our mindset and doing something even though you dislike it, once the brain is well-trained, your memory brain will forget the suffering and your destiny is changing rapidly.

Don’t just be repetitive people but being different one

become unique is better than being best

I would like to talk about how to become different people, being repetitive person is the sign of desperation although you haven’t felt it immensely, why we must become a different, because time and space are always changing and never come back, although human being has quote for living in this universe 24 hours per day, so during 24 hours period for day, the life always push your limit until you get out of the same space, sometimes we need to travel from one place to another one to seek the truth.
Most people mindset

When the life is creating something in front of you, it doesn’t mean life will control you, life is choice, and this life wants you to enhance your thinking class to the advance level in the particular of your life area, so this is opportunity of you to express your deepest gratitude and build something you want in this life, life is not going to make you in trouble but life is supporting you and alter you to the higher standard, so life is offering the empty area to you, in that area you can create your wisdom and it will motivate you to keep going, finally you live happily in that moment.

Focus on today’s life moment is part of biggest thing and more important rather than focus on the future who has never been created before, future is not making you satisfied, and it push you to taste of desperation, the man of action doesn’t pursue the yesterday’s moment, but he keeps motivating himself to go forward and tries to escape the chain of desperation.

Money and fame are protecting and locking you from the reality life, don’t just follow the people’s talk in which case is contenting about good stuff, focus on specific area you really want to improve such as seeking your blind spot area, money and fame are making you repetitive person, good news; when you become different person in every single day, your destiny will change and your standard automatically is changing, finally your territory area will expand and it will drive out your suffering result, money and fame are pursuing you no matter what it takes.

Don’t harvest a seed on the winter season

winter season is created for your relaxing place, not to work

Today I would like to share about the statement “don’t harvest a seed on the winter season”, maybe you will feel perplexed about it, the meaning of the title of topic is talking about a talent, now talent can be represented as a seed and the larger possibilities can be represented as the winter season, you may have a talent at many various fields but if you use your talent to the wrong place or the wrong purpose, your talent will be diminishing and not evolve in everlasting.
starting to harvest your talent and let them to work for you 

The first thing we should do is we must find the best situation to use our talent and put it there, or you can ask about yourself how to monitor your talent either make a daily schedule or use your talent every single day to inculcate your sense of responsibility, so your talent will be growing up rapidly, the second thing we should do is starting to teach someone else who can trust about your talent, use your talent to help other people, that’s the right purpose.
harvest your talent to the spring season, not in the winter season

  Don’t ever try to use your talent when you are at wrong situation, you will not be appreciated by number of people around you, maybe they think that you are doing useless even though you do the right thing to develop their personal life, sometimes we need to yield with the circumstance and find the best place where it can appreciate your talent, so your time being and your potential energy will be blowing up to the air because you do the right thing into the right situation or in the right place, that’s key.

Many people are competing against other their competitors but they still don’t know how to harvest a seed to the right season, remember this note; don’t just create a creativity and follow your passion only, it doesn’t work, or you will take a job by following your passion, if you do that, you will harvest a seed to the winter season, finally you will be disappointed with the outcome and you will work until you die because following passion is not good option because passion doesn’t recognize a limit otherwise as human being, we are limited edition, all we need to do is developing our talent and keep learning until we don’t need to work again at the same level, if we succeed with that assignment, we can harvest our talent to every season and sell it to the world and finally you will become “a talent finder, not just keeper”.

How to turn off expectation and turn on passion

Today I would like to talk about how to turn off expectation and turn on passion, at the first time I have heard this statement and it’s over my head but there is interesting point behind it namely “everybody can win with his ideology”, life is not designed to provide everything humans need, life is designed to make every human being in this world can win and they can deserve something they should have, but there is set of term how to reach it.

The first thing we should do how to turn off expectation is demanding ourselves to take a challenge but focus on any possibility, such as learning quickly how to solve little problem and search another one and solve it as you behave as the brain storm, miracle is not happening suddenly except you invite it to come throughout your accumulation result of commitment, consistent and discipline.

Take responsibility of every moment in this life, you can resurrect your passion by doing what’s valuable for other people’s hope, practice that habit until the miracle will pay off your effort, no one knows when we will be rewarded, our duty is just exerting our mentality by focusing what’s valuable thing for mankind and prolong our patience when life is trying to knock you down, that’s enough to turn off expectation, sometimes focusing on the expectation is making us go away from our life path, so don’t create daydreaming, and focus what the most field are you like best.

Remember this note; Life is not designed to make you happier, everything you do in this life is trying to step up your next destination and escaping from the desperation, once you succeed to make distance away from the desperation, the inspiration is created through your most qualified skill automatically, you may hope a reward, but focus on developing a solution is better than focus on reward because the reward is created not to make you satisfied but the purpose of reward is to measure how far your patience can exert your passion.

What does it mean with the human’s race?

Today I would like to talk about the human’s race, in this section I would like to share something unorthodox, there are many people consider that they need to compete and go against with other people’s qualification, it looks so great but it will not take a long process because everybody has an ideology to fulfill the destiny, the human’s race is not talking about competition but it is talking about the killing series story, the reason is everybody has limit, when one limit crashes with another one, it will create the crack, and the crack will cause pain, anxiety, repent, suffer and create a negativity, finally the human’s race concept can kill another human’s character, mental, psyche and disorder the human’s spirituality.

Human’s race it can’t be applied with another human being, to ascertain live peacefully and prosperous, we just need to compete with our qualified mind, the best competitor is dealing with ourselves, it means that we need to review our blind spot area by keep asking ourselves about the preparation, we can’t go further without any preparation, think further in our yesterday’s moment can create stupidity, we just need to live and focus what we are going to do in today’s moment and make preparation to welcome the future, that’s the classic method where it has been forgotten by most people who are chasing the money as usual, not chasing the next moment.

Many people suffer because they insist to live in yesterday’s moment, all you need to do is forgetting about the past and you will be forgotten with your past time, some people say “suffering is optional, pain is inevitable”, that’s true, but we can turn it into power when we focus on the happiness’s problem, it means you do something what other people don’t do, such as; you will not sleep when other people are sleeping but you associate with larger possibilities such as making preparation, doing the progress and being busy person because of waiting the big moment patiently, when you achieve the big moment point, your success result will be imminent and the money will not be problem anymore.

Why people are drowned by their willingness

Today I would like to talk about the reason why people are drowned by their willingness, I want to make something clear that every willingness is not nightmare, but every willingness is God’s gift which it has been given to the typical person who wants to improve something in order to live better in the bright future, when you have willingness to something different or something great in which case you haven’t had it beforehand, that is not kind of punishment to scare you, but willingness is kind of the way how Almighty GOD compels human being to getting out from the life standard they were spending most the time with, Almighty GOD wants to entertain humans with willingness in order to make humans’ life so meaningful, He hopes the humans insist to fulfill that willingness and bring it to the real world, willingness only needs time, creative, vision and human’s determination in which case they will be exchanged with the reward, if someone is having wisdom and freedom to create something, that is the biggest reward from Almighty GOD.

The human’s willingness can’t be manipulated or can’t be ruled by the ordinary decisiveness, but willingness is one way to measure how far someone can walk with his dream and go together to the favorite place without any doubt, although someone doesn’t know what happen in the future, but when he has succeeded to convince his dream, he will not be drowned by willingness.

It doesn’t matter how small or big of willingness you have, willingness will scary when you stop moving forward, you may seem not find the clearest work  when you do it continuously, but life is mysterious, whether you will fail or success, anyhow you will taste one of them, when life is knocking your life down, means you will be endowed with special qualities by proving your own luck.

Luck will not happen when you haven’t committed with your willingness, instead you will be drowning in your willingness if stop moving forward, don’t worry about it, when you make your time as your partner, time will let you keep going forward until you will find sign of luck, that is the closest solution how to unlock your next potential, yes indeed the closest solution doesn’t guarantee your outcome result, but at least the closest solution will make you happier during you undergo the unachievable moment, Strategy and tactic in your daily activity don’t help you to reduce your willingness, but strategy and tactic are just making different thing from what you started in the first line until what you end to the next line process.

What kind of game you are playing in this life

Today I would like to talk about game, so when you are facing a problem in your career, that mean you still haven’t recognized the difficulties and the rules during fulfilling your career, in that time you need to analyze for moment about what kind of games you are playing with, in order to measure how far did you go from the past time until now, you have to play a different game which it is used to  practice your craft, you have to embrace the strategy and the tactic in order to measure how fast you resolve the difficulty during raising your standard, in every single day your capacity are going to widen once you keep consistently, that’s the key you need to bring with you.

Everything you do now or no matter how hard you stay into that circle area, your tiny effort will not be deleted in this life, life doesn’t require your effort but life appreciates once you have courage enough to make consistent, commitment and responsibility from what you choose in your life area, sometimes living in this life is like someone who is living in the game station, to become the leading role in the digital game, you have to make preparation to become game changer, there are many levels and requirement test you need to pass it, before you are continuing the game, you have to learn what’s destination you are playing with, remember this note; the game is designed not to enlarge your satisfaction feeling but the game is designed to test your outcome whether it’s appropriate or not to step onto the next level.

Before you step in to the next level, you will be offered with new challenge, new track from level to level, and find the difficulties stage until you are going to the next level, sometimes you unwittingly do what you really want to do because you are enjoying the process although you find difficulties, and you forgot how to behave patiently inside the game arena, that’s the happiness problem you are willing to pay for your future, after you are paying off your effort and your time to master with, your creativity will grow unconditionally and survive to face any kind insurmountable circumstance. There are many ways how to unlock the creativity level, all you need to do is making evidence and prove that you are doing right,

Every moment in this life can’t be deleted

life is accumulation machine, not delete the process

In this topic I would like to talk about life’s circumstance, many people think and consider that something bad can be deleted by making an acquisition, but in the reality, everything looks accumulative based on every single of purpose, we can look at the burning paper which it has been shined by the magnifying glass at noon, and the sunlight has been reflected by the magnifying glass and direct it to the paper, finally the magnifying glass produces a flame and it burns a paper.
burning paper is part of life process to end suffering

Based on the burning paper’s story above, it teaches us how to maintain the process, every little effort will be counted by life’s law, so don’t be afraid when you fail to lift up your career, your mistake and your effort can’t be deleted, not pointless and it will transform to become a teacher and it guides you to go to the right direction, so there’s nothing is impossible in this world when you keep learning and keep struggling for the dream’s behalf, maybe you think that learning and struggling don’t guarantee the reward but both are the reasonable way how to empower your ambition to walk on the right track.

There is always chance to grow up every single day to live forward although you have made a lot of mistake during unlearning bad habit in the past, if you quit or give up easily for something you dreamed, you will lose your acceleration of your courage, and you will suffer a lot, life is not teaching you how to make you stopped creating something, life knows you can do something, when you can’t do something, life is teaching how you survive after you lose everything precious, life will transform to become your next identity.

 life knows that you will not get burdened with unachievable problem, the only thing will make you feel burdened is your egoism and feeling of pride, it will haunt you with your obsession’s feeling until you get trapped with it,  life is not so badly when you start to learn something, life is the empty street where it provides peacefully place where you can fill in with your creation, once you fill creation within it, everything can’t be deleted because life is the accumulator machine, if you consider that life is coming to fix you, you will suffer and regret because you put your trust to the wrong direction, life movement is controlled by time being and human’s movement is not controlled by the time being, only you can live freedom and use the meaning of life to raise your standard

How to know that my ambition really works

ambition is like walking on the invincible stair

Today I would like to talk about the topic how to know that my ambition really works, I remember that every ambition will be active when you have told your purpose to your subconscious mind, everybody may rely on the fortune, but don’t just believe with fortune because fortune is not part of human’s authority, also don’t just rely on the fortune because fortune has boundless and has no division, but we can recognize the fortune’s characteristic, for example; after you ruined then there’s something keep you standing on your plate, there’s something make you survived, that’s real fortune, this is special note you need to remember; fortune doesn’t promise everything but it makes you keep on the right track, so when you stay away from the right track, the fortune will persuade you to come back.

Fortune is not created to entertain you or it makes you happier, fortune is appearing when you keep survive although you have lost everything you have had in the past such as lost love, lost attention, lost motivation, lost hope, etc. all you need to do is maximizing your potential, cycling your potential energy until you will find the right element to gel with your ambition, in addition, don’t forget to fill your potential with a fuel because any creation can’t stand without emerging with ambition.
ambition is like stepping stone

If you want to know whether your ambition is working or not, please look at your habits, habit can determine whether you are going to be successful person or unsuccessful person, if your ambition doesn’t work, that mean you must compel your idea and push yourself to change a habit by creating new habits, that’s key, good habit will help you how to keep on the right track. It may seem to be hardest way how to change a habit, but there’s no other choice rather than the reasonable implication way.
ambition is making you flied to your dream

The creation is like an axe’s blade, it is keep you insisted to cut down many trees as many as you can and you feel hungry when you don’t do it, but before you cut down the trees, you need to sharpen your creation by using your strong ambition, do it several times, and make it as new productive habit, good luck.

How much do your limitations work for you?

Today I would like to talk about how much do your limitations work on you, this question I want to elucidate and give a description how to know our limit first, and I do believe that every people are working to finance their lifestyle and buy the stuff, but if we are just working at the same level, indirectly we are working on our limitation.

The first thing we should analyze is how many limitations do you want to evolve?  I would like to intrigue your limitation to work for you, and also it serves you a better information, after you recognize so much about your limitation, you need to pick up one or two of your limitations, after you pick it up, you must have strong reason to convince you to do something different rather than you usually did beforehand.

If you insist to acknowledge your limitation as your next partner, you may trigger your ambition to create a creation, expand the creation until your creation result can emerge with your limitation, your limitation has two kind of characteristic, it can become your hostage or it can become your enemy, so don’t try to let your limitation going everywhere without purpose.

Here is the good news; Limitation is created by Almighty God which it is not intended to scary you, but limitation is created to measure your capacity level, if you maximize your hidden potential through experience, you will be offered a new chance to utilize something beneficial within your limitation.
limitation is happening to keep you stay away from unproductive people

Life is not talking about our obsession, life is not talking about your sadness, life is not talking about desperation, life is living through your mirror, when you face something weaknesses means there is greatness awaiting you at another side of mirror, when there is something click in your psyche, that’s clue you need to create something bigger to prolong your limited scope, when you succeed to prolong your patience to face your limitation, your limitation will be widened as well and it will work for you automatically when you are not around.