Don’t be a price tag person

In this topic I would like to talk about the statement “price tag person”, that identification is commonly being used for type of person who always compare someone’s ability with the amount of currency, wherever he goes to somewhere place, he always talks about the price and the stuff, he always invite someone else to stick together with him and he asks his comrade to bargain the price.

Remember, type of person who is looking for the price, he never created a wealth, price is always blockading the human’s enthusiasm and decelerating the human creativity to evolve, that’s law, if someone desires to look for wealth, he must improve the information he wants to earn and focus how to create the higher purpose without getting involved with the price.

Yes I agree in order to live longevity in this world, it’s really needing the price to finance it, but before we get result, we need to make preparation to evolve, such as we must choose what type of working or business we will marry with and what type of lifestyle we will stay with, that’ the key of information.

After we determine the type of lifestyle and type of working we love with, we can start to learn how to improve and how to find a mentor or good colleague to promote you to the idealistic place, sometimes we need to hack our mindset and engage the idealistic term in order to measure the knowledge how far it can go with us to the realistic term, that’s reason every dream is very important to evoke human to feel better because dream has an intangible ability influences and help people to achieve something impossible in today’s time but when the time period is coming in future’s time, remember this note; all impossible thing will turn to something possible after you really embody your certain faith and embody your certain intelligent to the reality.


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