Don’t harvest a seed on the winter season

winter season is created for your relaxing place, not to work

Today I would like to share about the statement “don’t harvest a seed on the winter season”, maybe you will feel perplexed about it, the meaning of the title of topic is talking about a talent, now talent can be represented as a seed and the larger possibilities can be represented as the winter season, you may have a talent at many various fields but if you use your talent to the wrong place or the wrong purpose, your talent will be diminishing and not evolve in everlasting.
starting to harvest your talent and let them to work for you 

The first thing we should do is we must find the best situation to use our talent and put it there, or you can ask about yourself how to monitor your talent either make a daily schedule or use your talent every single day to inculcate your sense of responsibility, so your talent will be growing up rapidly, the second thing we should do is starting to teach someone else who can trust about your talent, use your talent to help other people, that’s the right purpose.
harvest your talent to the spring season, not in the winter season

  Don’t ever try to use your talent when you are at wrong situation, you will not be appreciated by number of people around you, maybe they think that you are doing useless even though you do the right thing to develop their personal life, sometimes we need to yield with the circumstance and find the best place where it can appreciate your talent, so your time being and your potential energy will be blowing up to the air because you do the right thing into the right situation or in the right place, that’s key.

Many people are competing against other their competitors but they still don’t know how to harvest a seed to the right season, remember this note; don’t just create a creativity and follow your passion only, it doesn’t work, or you will take a job by following your passion, if you do that, you will harvest a seed to the winter season, finally you will be disappointed with the outcome and you will work until you die because following passion is not good option because passion doesn’t recognize a limit otherwise as human being, we are limited edition, all we need to do is developing our talent and keep learning until we don’t need to work again at the same level, if we succeed with that assignment, we can harvest our talent to every season and sell it to the world and finally you will become “a talent finder, not just keeper”.

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