Don’t just be repetitive people but being different one

become unique is better than being best

I would like to talk about how to become different people, being repetitive person is the sign of desperation although you haven’t felt it immensely, why we must become a different, because time and space are always changing and never come back, although human being has quote for living in this universe 24 hours per day, so during 24 hours period for day, the life always push your limit until you get out of the same space, sometimes we need to travel from one place to another one to seek the truth.
Most people mindset

When the life is creating something in front of you, it doesn’t mean life will control you, life is choice, and this life wants you to enhance your thinking class to the advance level in the particular of your life area, so this is opportunity of you to express your deepest gratitude and build something you want in this life, life is not going to make you in trouble but life is supporting you and alter you to the higher standard, so life is offering the empty area to you, in that area you can create your wisdom and it will motivate you to keep going, finally you live happily in that moment.

Focus on today’s life moment is part of biggest thing and more important rather than focus on the future who has never been created before, future is not making you satisfied, and it push you to taste of desperation, the man of action doesn’t pursue the yesterday’s moment, but he keeps motivating himself to go forward and tries to escape the chain of desperation.

Money and fame are protecting and locking you from the reality life, don’t just follow the people’s talk in which case is contenting about good stuff, focus on specific area you really want to improve such as seeking your blind spot area, money and fame are making you repetitive person, good news; when you become different person in every single day, your destiny will change and your standard automatically is changing, finally your territory area will expand and it will drive out your suffering result, money and fame are pursuing you no matter what it takes.

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