Don’t just focus on pushing your limit

Today I would like to share about the mentality, everyday brain is working at least 8 hours for working, and we push our limitation to achieve the target until we know tomorrow we are going to face our limitation, at that time we realize that our limitation can’t do something better than what we expect it.
Train the mentality muscle to widen your limitation

The human mentality is like a body muscles, when we don’t train by lifting some weights, our body muscles are not shaped enough, we need to train our mentality by doing differently, it started with creating new topic, creating new idea, solving the other people’s problem, learning how to train the mind about the fact, learning how to stop too much expectations, that‘s the series program we need to do in order to focus on larger possibilities, not just pushing our limit.
Embrace the larger possibility to reach the unlimited journey
Remember this note; our limit can be measured by the amount of money or the type of responsibility we will receive regularly, if we don’t employ our energy and our mentality to work for us, we will forfeit its function, the longer we don’t employ them to work, the longer we lose its functional, it can be over permanent. I would like to remember you again, human being is part of 0.1% the universe, and the universe is the mother of human’s potential energy, and the potential energy is limitless.
Pull the potential energy to work

We need to look for the other side of human’s brain character to unlock the potential energy because without any friction, the human’s brain character always find pleasure and avoid the suffering, let we contemplate about life, in fact the brain doesn’t want to utilize the pain because the brain is not well trained to taste the pain, every human has two side of soul in which case they work in opposite way, namely love and pain, if we get them together and make them work together, it will create a miracle but if we let them work separately, we will lose hope, that’s law.

The limitation comes from the lack of resourcefulness and the brain gives us the signal of information that every pleasure means nothing more interesting in this life except living and tasting its limitation, when we decide it such thing, the brain doesn’t want to work better, and we will work on our weaknesses.

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