Every moment in this life can’t be deleted

life is accumulation machine, not delete the process

In this topic I would like to talk about life’s circumstance, many people think and consider that something bad can be deleted by making an acquisition, but in the reality, everything looks accumulative based on every single of purpose, we can look at the burning paper which it has been shined by the magnifying glass at noon, and the sunlight has been reflected by the magnifying glass and direct it to the paper, finally the magnifying glass produces a flame and it burns a paper.
burning paper is part of life process to end suffering

Based on the burning paper’s story above, it teaches us how to maintain the process, every little effort will be counted by life’s law, so don’t be afraid when you fail to lift up your career, your mistake and your effort can’t be deleted, not pointless and it will transform to become a teacher and it guides you to go to the right direction, so there’s nothing is impossible in this world when you keep learning and keep struggling for the dream’s behalf, maybe you think that learning and struggling don’t guarantee the reward but both are the reasonable way how to empower your ambition to walk on the right track.

There is always chance to grow up every single day to live forward although you have made a lot of mistake during unlearning bad habit in the past, if you quit or give up easily for something you dreamed, you will lose your acceleration of your courage, and you will suffer a lot, life is not teaching you how to make you stopped creating something, life knows you can do something, when you can’t do something, life is teaching how you survive after you lose everything precious, life will transform to become your next identity.

 life knows that you will not get burdened with unachievable problem, the only thing will make you feel burdened is your egoism and feeling of pride, it will haunt you with your obsession’s feeling until you get trapped with it,  life is not so badly when you start to learn something, life is the empty street where it provides peacefully place where you can fill in with your creation, once you fill creation within it, everything can’t be deleted because life is the accumulator machine, if you consider that life is coming to fix you, you will suffer and regret because you put your trust to the wrong direction, life movement is controlled by time being and human’s movement is not controlled by the time being, only you can live freedom and use the meaning of life to raise your standard

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