Every problem has solution or every solution has problem ahead?

Today I would like to talk about the problem and solution, many people think that every problem has solution, in fact every problem will not happen to you when you already know the solution first, that’s mean when we realize how important to determine something great in the future, we need to prepare the greatest preparation now in order to exchange with greatness in the future.
focus on the possibility, not within your darkness

Problem is not always problem and solution is not part of decision but the solution is trying to make everything clearer towards to revolution, that’s sensible way we need to determine it, the most problem will not get out from human life because every human insists to create problem rather than making preparation to welcome a problem
problem will not get bigger when you already control

Problem will not get bigger when we don’t allow it bigger, and problem will diminish when we let them go, the characteristic of problem is just like a wind, it comes and goes, it’s inevitable, all we need to do is making the best preparation to welcome wind such as you wearing a jacket to make you feel warmer, that’s practicable proposition, so don’t act unnatural because we are part of nature, every solution needs process, not instant, the bigger reward you want it, the bigger preparation you create, every process contains pain, busy and waiting, so to answer the process we made in the past, we just need to adapt ourselves living peacefully with other creatures until the problem resolves themselves, that’s law.

Almighty GOD prefers to see the type of humans who use their time wisely to make various opportunity rather than queuing the opportunity because every opportunity comes when we welcome it first, that’s law, so sometimes we feel suffering today because that’s part of end solution we chose in the past time, I would remind you that every solution offers the risk and mistaken, so sometimes we need to testify solution first to ourselves, this purpose is not making you a victim, but promoting you to become a hero.

Suffering is part of test to let you know whether you are ready or not to deserve the reward, suffering is not always becoming the miserable thing, it comes to us when we really want to make something happen, that’s the meaning of real motivation, if you don’t feel being pushed, you are living in the risky area which offers the regret, once you regret something, other chance will go away.