Follow the passion or Follow the money or Follow the rule?

Today I would like to talk about the three things which may influence to improve our life career, namely passion, money and rule, but we need to identify first about what exactly problem which may attacks to human’s mentality, some people think that every good career needs a lot of money to upgrade it, most people assume that money is the key of success, for example; studying at university, attending the international business course, achieving any kind of reward trophy etc. The question is “does everyone have this prerequisite?” if they don’t, meaning the first problem is following the money, during promoting career, I would suggest don’t search the higher price but search the valuable thing from it because every value is having an authority to buy a price otherwise the price can’t earn the value.

I think that is the majority problem because not at all type of people can earn a lot of money to fulfill their career, basically money is just blocking our ingrained belief system has ever present till today, so money can’t teach us more focus how to promote the career, the reason is when we don’t get an extra money at career development level, we will lose our ambition because of losing an extra money, so basically money is just deadly weapon.  

The second problem is about following passion, most people consider that following passion is a good idea how to promote the career ahead, but we must analyze that every passion is part of intrinsic motivation from the human mindset, passion is not kind of final destination but passion is a fuel, when you already find a passion, what will you do then?, so following passion is not good solution how to promote our career.

The third problem is about following the rule, many people think following the rule is the biggest asset how to promote the career, but the question is who will take responsibility to create the rule?, sometimes the successful people have the basic rule and apply it in their habits, in this section you must be careful that sometimes every rule has different standard and it tends to compel human’s spirit to follow it, the main point is your previous standard must be compatible with that new standard by following that rule, unwittingly the rule can confine our creativity to obtain the revelation from solution, please remember this note; the different standard will create different mindset and different mindset can create different goal, if your goal is not compatible with other people’s rules, don’t follow that rule and you must create the self-taught to make degree of comparison between your attempt with the result. So which option should be chosen among 3 “follow the rule, follow passion or follow money”, my advice how to promote the career is doing something valuable to others and creating the unlimited wealth by raising your knowledge’s standard, if do that consistently, the great successes will follow you relentless.