How much do your limitations work for you?

Today I would like to talk about how much do your limitations work on you, this question I want to elucidate and give a description how to know our limit first, and I do believe that every people are working to finance their lifestyle and buy the stuff, but if we are just working at the same level, indirectly we are working on our limitation.

The first thing we should analyze is how many limitations do you want to evolve?  I would like to intrigue your limitation to work for you, and also it serves you a better information, after you recognize so much about your limitation, you need to pick up one or two of your limitations, after you pick it up, you must have strong reason to convince you to do something different rather than you usually did beforehand.

If you insist to acknowledge your limitation as your next partner, you may trigger your ambition to create a creation, expand the creation until your creation result can emerge with your limitation, your limitation has two kind of characteristic, it can become your hostage or it can become your enemy, so don’t try to let your limitation going everywhere without purpose.

Here is the good news; Limitation is created by Almighty God which it is not intended to scary you, but limitation is created to measure your capacity level, if you maximize your hidden potential through experience, you will be offered a new chance to utilize something beneficial within your limitation.
limitation is happening to keep you stay away from unproductive people

Life is not talking about our obsession, life is not talking about your sadness, life is not talking about desperation, life is living through your mirror, when you face something weaknesses means there is greatness awaiting you at another side of mirror, when there is something click in your psyche, that’s clue you need to create something bigger to prolong your limited scope, when you succeed to prolong your patience to face your limitation, your limitation will be widened as well and it will work for you automatically when you are not around.