How to educate the parasites person

The parasite person who relies on someone else's help without making acquisition

Today I would like to share how to educate the parasites person from our life, as we know that parasite person will not leave to the comfort zone as long as there’s good resources in its surrounding area, maybe you will think the parasite person never exist in this world, the parasite person is the kind of person who is unable can use the potential within himself because he lacks of use and lack of inspiration, this habits can cause him losing hope about the bright future, we call him as the desperation statue, so the parasites person relies on everything looks better than he can deserve in the normal life, his life doesn’t want to evolve not because he doesn’t want to evolve himself, but there’s main cause; he is dragging himself to the desperate space area and he lives for too long, so in the reality he can’t see everything clearly although he can see around, so his destiny was stuck to the time travel in the past and he was unable to escape from his willingness.
Spending lots but no earning

The first thing we should do how to educate the parasites person is inviting him to talk and think about the crucial issue, or inviting him to search about the most interesting place in which case making him more enlightened, making him more excited, remember this note; when you do it regularly for him, unwittingly you have helped him activating his own philosophy.
Being couch potato is the one of parasites person's habit

The most important thing before you help him to invoke his own mindset is improving your philosophy first, let your philosophy guides him, the miracle will not happen in this life suddenly once the human’s philosophy has never existed in this world, once again I will tell you “the miracle will happen when you have the strong reason to evolve from the desperation life and you do something regularly although you have never done beforehand, the miracle keeps you walking staggered forward in order to get out from that desperation area, the miracle will not happen when there’s no one has never tried about that ritual before