How to turn off expectation and turn on passion

Today I would like to talk about how to turn off expectation and turn on passion, at the first time I have heard this statement and it’s over my head but there is interesting point behind it namely “everybody can win with his ideology”, life is not designed to provide everything humans need, life is designed to make every human being in this world can win and they can deserve something they should have, but there is set of term how to reach it.

The first thing we should do how to turn off expectation is demanding ourselves to take a challenge but focus on any possibility, such as learning quickly how to solve little problem and search another one and solve it as you behave as the brain storm, miracle is not happening suddenly except you invite it to come throughout your accumulation result of commitment, consistent and discipline.

Take responsibility of every moment in this life, you can resurrect your passion by doing what’s valuable for other people’s hope, practice that habit until the miracle will pay off your effort, no one knows when we will be rewarded, our duty is just exerting our mentality by focusing what’s valuable thing for mankind and prolong our patience when life is trying to knock you down, that’s enough to turn off expectation, sometimes focusing on the expectation is making us go away from our life path, so don’t create daydreaming, and focus what the most field are you like best.

Remember this note; Life is not designed to make you happier, everything you do in this life is trying to step up your next destination and escaping from the desperation, once you succeed to make distance away from the desperation, the inspiration is created through your most qualified skill automatically, you may hope a reward, but focus on developing a solution is better than focus on reward because the reward is created not to make you satisfied but the purpose of reward is to measure how far your patience can exert your passion.


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