Life doesn’t suffer but human does

 Today I would like invite you to recognize about life, life has been counted by the time whereas human has been counted by the time as well, regarding the topic, life doesn’t suffer and it offers choice to humans whether they want to pick up or not, suffering is part of method how to maximize the hidden potential within yourself, if you don’t feel suffering, you will not know what’s the meaning of appreciation, life is not teaching about suffering but it's teaching appreciation.
your life goes to the unlimited wealth

Yes indeed, suffering is an option, suffering doesn’t mean you have to minimize the nutritious food consumption or you have to follow the poor people, but suffering means self-motivated, although the motivation comes and goes easily but it will give you an option whether you focus to develop the motivation to become your new philosophy or you just sit and cry to wait the opportunity, the best option how to manipulate suffering is imagining your passion and create what you really want through life experience.

Don’t just follow most people who don’t believe your passion or those people who don’t understand your philosophy, you can look at those people’s face who behave a looser, when they haven’t learned suffering in this life, they will be suffering more and more and they have never been healed from their suffering.
life is teaching a priceless lesson, not teaching suffering

The best reward you will receive at the first step is you are having various and multi-purpose knowledge to heal your suffering, that is the good foundation where it has been forgotten by most people in the world because they think life is kind of place where it offers the happiness, don’t just focus on the happiness result at the beginning stage because the biggest happiness is not offering the expensive stuff but happiness is offering a new life and offering the higher standard to promote your passion and creativity, so you will be altered to the better place, once you arrive to that place, your willingness will be paid off, so when you suffer during fulfilling your life at the first attempt, don’t be sad about it because that’s the important milestone to speed up your experience.

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