Life is not talking about the human’s race

Today I would like to talk about topic “life is not talking about the human’s race”, life is just talking about itself whether it provides some evidences, clue and the valuable information for human’s knowledge, I heard some people think that life is talking about the human’s race, that philosophy has misled many people’s thinking way and bring people to the wrong purpose because that philosophy pushes human being to outlaw many ways to achieve something greater but it will menace people’s peacefully heart.

The human’s race means people will do and achieve something bigger than they can do as usual, making progress, making different and making opportunity to anyone else is the part how to nurture your well-being, you will not get happy once you just want something to make you prosperous, they key is the life and time, please remember this note; time is running forward not because of you and life is running not because of you, but life and time are running because you are part of universe, if you want to know your life where it is going, please appreciate something you have and make it work for you, such as knowledge, strong feeling, faith, ambition, vitality, courage, determination, honesty, etc.

Don’t ever try to break the chain between life and time because they can guide where you want to go and it can guide you how to break your career limit, please consider life and time are your best comradeship you have ever had on this planet, life covers wind, fire, earth, water, spiritual, animal, plant, mountain, river, etc. and time is the machine which is used to count your effort calculation, if you don’t want to fail in the same track, learn from the other people’s life mistake but don’t laugh at it, take lesson how to wake up after ruined and how to survive after ruined.

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