Limited mindset and limitless mindset

liability limit is art of limited mindset

Today I would like to talk about the difference between limited mindset and limitless mindset, maybe you will think mindset will shape a new lifestyle do you want to stay there but when you think mindset is limited, so you will find your mindset becoming limited, that’s law, you will not find anything better when you just follow your mindset.

Sometimes we need to hack our previous mindset and learn to observe something different from place to place, and think something new that is out of our mind, when you are doing at the first step, I know that you will find yourself perplexed and you will find a new risk and that risk maybe will accentuate your idealism to be diminished, no need to worry about that, we have another solution.

Limited mindset usually give you an interesting idea how to stay longer and make you feel satisfied easily, but be careful with that circumstance’s symptom because there is another risk will come to you; the effect result is you will not find your passion and not find your creativity in that parameter area for long time in addition your resourcefulness has been eaten by satisfaction feeling, once you don’t make it happen, you will find regret and you will be accompanied by anger, disappointment, regret, anxiety, fear, etc. (negative feeling)
learn from feedback is key how to grow mindset to evolve limitless

How if we compare between limited mindset with the limitless mindset, as I shared to you earlier, limited mindset is just relying with short interest and relying with small reward, but limitless mindset is not relying on physical reward but it is relying on the intangible knowledge because that’s the ultimate resourcefulness, when you will find a mistake and you will find abnormality, don’t settle down with it, you just need several times to contemplate with it and keep going forward because the mistake has a limit but hope has no limit, you see? Hope will not find you unless you keep forgetting about your last effort and starting to grow your mindset everlasting.