Live today and you will be forgotten by yesterday

Today I would like to share about how to live today and enjoy the life by living the present moment in order to avoid the friction from yesterday’s moment, we must know that remembering the past time is one way how today’s moment will forget us, the life is no longer supporting us if we just keep remembering the yesterday’s moment and focus on the yesterday’s moment.

There are several reason we need to make before we will remember the yesterday’s moment, the first question is “how much worthy shall I get from that yesterday’s moment?” the second question is “Is there any risky area will hurt me immensely? Please take note, yesterday’s space and yesterday’s time travel were totally different with today’s moment and yesterday’s moment would give you a lot of desperation to your peacefully heart if we keep repeating, we can’t return back to the time travel when we had already been there.

Remembering the positive side in yesterday’s moment was good option, and don’t just held party to welcome yesterday’s moment because the space area would abandon your feeling of pleasure, the area we should note is learning about failure and mistake, without any the failure and mistake’s existence, we don’t really know whether our potential is growing or not, the place area we should thank is the moment we made a lot of mistaken but we still get happier from it, the moment we endure the pain but we keep being persistent and the moment we can still appreciated the utmost suffering about the unsatisfied result.

I am pretty sure three moments area above mentioned will give us the biggest reward in this life and those critical moment will help us to identify the problem faster than anyone else does because we have realized earlier about what we experienced with the variously critical problem, the key of information we should remember is finding our blind spot area that we need to improve and making a critical question in order to educate our mind to think better to what happen in today, not yesterday, remember; the brain is like a principles of parachute, it doesn’t have willingness to work when there is no jumping down

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