What does it mean with the human’s race?

Today I would like to talk about the human’s race, in this section I would like to share something unorthodox, there are many people consider that they need to compete and go against with other people’s qualification, it looks so great but it will not take a long process because everybody has an ideology to fulfill the destiny, the human’s race is not talking about competition but it is talking about the killing series story, the reason is everybody has limit, when one limit crashes with another one, it will create the crack, and the crack will cause pain, anxiety, repent, suffer and create a negativity, finally the human’s race concept can kill another human’s character, mental, psyche and disorder the human’s spirituality.

Human’s race it can’t be applied with another human being, to ascertain live peacefully and prosperous, we just need to compete with our qualified mind, the best competitor is dealing with ourselves, it means that we need to review our blind spot area by keep asking ourselves about the preparation, we can’t go further without any preparation, think further in our yesterday’s moment can create stupidity, we just need to live and focus what we are going to do in today’s moment and make preparation to welcome the future, that’s the classic method where it has been forgotten by most people who are chasing the money as usual, not chasing the next moment.

Many people suffer because they insist to live in yesterday’s moment, all you need to do is forgetting about the past and you will be forgotten with your past time, some people say “suffering is optional, pain is inevitable”, that’s true, but we can turn it into power when we focus on the happiness’s problem, it means you do something what other people don’t do, such as; you will not sleep when other people are sleeping but you associate with larger possibilities such as making preparation, doing the progress and being busy person because of waiting the big moment patiently, when you achieve the big moment point, your success result will be imminent and the money will not be problem anymore.

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