What kind of game you are playing in this life

Today I would like to talk about game, so when you are facing a problem in your career, that mean you still haven’t recognized the difficulties and the rules during fulfilling your career, in that time you need to analyze for moment about what kind of games you are playing with, in order to measure how far did you go from the past time until now, you have to play a different game which it is used to  practice your craft, you have to embrace the strategy and the tactic in order to measure how fast you resolve the difficulty during raising your standard, in every single day your capacity are going to widen once you keep consistently, that’s the key you need to bring with you.

Everything you do now or no matter how hard you stay into that circle area, your tiny effort will not be deleted in this life, life doesn’t require your effort but life appreciates once you have courage enough to make consistent, commitment and responsibility from what you choose in your life area, sometimes living in this life is like someone who is living in the game station, to become the leading role in the digital game, you have to make preparation to become game changer, there are many levels and requirement test you need to pass it, before you are continuing the game, you have to learn what’s destination you are playing with, remember this note; the game is designed not to enlarge your satisfaction feeling but the game is designed to test your outcome whether it’s appropriate or not to step onto the next level.

Before you step in to the next level, you will be offered with new challenge, new track from level to level, and find the difficulties stage until you are going to the next level, sometimes you unwittingly do what you really want to do because you are enjoying the process although you find difficulties, and you forgot how to behave patiently inside the game arena, that’s the happiness problem you are willing to pay for your future, after you are paying off your effort and your time to master with, your creativity will grow unconditionally and survive to face any kind insurmountable circumstance. There are many ways how to unlock the creativity level, all you need to do is making evidence and prove that you are doing right,

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