What’s difference between the shortcut way and the right way?

I would like to explain about what’s different between the shortcut way and the right way, when many people are trying to improve the career, some of them are trying to choose shortcut way rather than the right way because some of them are no having confidence and courage to evolve.

The shortcut way often deceive the human being and promise the instant result and ignore the important things within process, the shortcut way often impress people with the glorious result but in the end the shortcut way leads people to the missing process, so that they will burden feeling of disappointment for long time period.
learn from the feedback

What about the right way? The right way often influences people to feel self-motivated, the right way doesn’t promise the instant result, the right way doesn’t make you feel disappointed in the middle process but the shortcut way guarantees your attempt process till you will look yourself to meet the biggest reward in the end journey namely living happily ever after in this universe.

The right way often provides the feeling of doubt once you start to do something right, the other people will give the insecurities opinion to make you away from the right way, the right way often has a lot of enemies and ensure the right way’s followers will not apply something important within the right way process.
the shortcut way will deceive you with instant result

The purpose of the shortcut way is making people left the right way process and ensure most people will feel happy in the start moment and will make people feel pain and repent in the end moment, my suggestion to you is don’t easily believe with the instant result and the shortcut way, you need to observe and testify the shortcut way by doing something for short time period, when you feel disappointed in the end time period, leave that shortcut way and follow the right way as soon as possible.