When the certain faith really works?

Today I would like to share how to identify the certain faith, faith is one way how to convince ourselves to do something right consistently because we know that every result is explaining how big our reason, basically the faith can be classified to become 3 kinds of basic rule, the first thing is trusting, the second thing is commitment and the third thing is faithfulness (give a full service to the particular person or the organization or the religion).
Leaving the fake faith if it is not having evidence to be proved

If we need to know whether the certain faith is going to work or not, we need to embrace the challenge which it looks insurmountable, try harder in several times and prove your certain faith that it is going to work for you, at the first time you prove it, you will not get happiness at all, all we need to do is proving what is our aptitude and keep striving until your intuition says “yes, this is your greatest masterpiece”.

The certain faith doesn’t start after you have happiness and sadness, but the certain faith is happening in this life when person lost everything about his attention, his love, his poverty, his dignity but he still keep standing, he is never giving up to the duty that he wants to commit with it, the certain faith doesn’t buy the cheap people who just rely on the money, the human being who just rely on the money, he will never be satisfied to what he achieve or what he deserve.
Hammer and Nail are describing about our faith

The faith really works on the human’s spiritual when someone’s faith has been tested with the insurmountable thing in this life but the situation doesn’t affect to his philosophy and he keeps hoping and try better in order to get the meaning of life, life can’t be compared with playing the console game (win or lose), remember this note; life is teaching the education to human being as if the Almighty GOD insist you to keep learning your mistake and He requests you to do something better as if there’s no the past time, that’s How Almighty GOD’s plan to test your faith where it is going to work or not.

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