Where the opportunity lies?

Today I would like to talk about the question, where the opportunity lies? Most people concern that opportunity will come when people have finished something great and meet something new, in the reality life every opportunity will not promise the benefit but opportunity offers the kindness and badness within it in order to test human’s mentality whether humans are ready to pick up new challenge or not.

The opportunity will meet to the person who has prepared the virtue, but unfortunately many people are not ready to face the opportunity because they think the opportunity is coming to the luckiest people class, that mindset will lead them to failure first before they demand the opportunity to come, so they get failure by default.

The opportunity actually will offer to the type of person who is willingly to respect the failure process and the opportunity will not let humans get deep into failure before the opportunity will give a hint, that’s law, unfortunately most people are not enough sensitive to welcome the opportunity, so they get failure by default.
Team work is one of many ways to create opportunity

The opportunity is like a miracle, it will stay away from us when there’s no commitment and consistence from the human’s effort and new opportunity will approach us when human keeps struggling and persistent to do valuable thing when other people don’t do, I agree even though if motivation word comes and goes, motivation doesn’t change everything but it will slip you an another idea.

Sometimes beneath a mistake, there is opportunity to evolve, so making mistake in order to get higher standard and get a higher purpose is good choice rather than doing nothing and keep complaining, don’t just sit and cry to hope any opportunity will come, you can try to create opportunity and serve something greater to people, let see what happen to you after you make it happen, whether you feel good and stronger or not, don’t worry with opportunity, once you realize you pick up opportunity, you will feel be different guy than before.

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