Why being persistent guy is so powerful

Today I would like to share about being persistent guy, this is going to be play hard for you because you really push your limit, push an enjoyable weekend to keep out of the safe area, everything seems unhappy to face the truth and there is no way out once you are just grumpily to what happen in this life, when you think you extremely suffer, you will get more suffering result from every best decision you made.

Life is not making you happy, but you can create happiness with your best version, when life is knocking you down with many times of failure, you only need to stand up and do something else to pay back your failure, create a commitment to specific area you want to improve, that’s way how you pay your failure.

Being persistent doesn’t mean you need to become bold or being stubborn, but being persistent guy because you really vest with something you like the most, you have the personal right to make your life better, making strong reason is one way to make you think different rather than most people do, but remember, making strong reason is not guaranteeing you how to become happier person, but it will make you to become helplessness person, suffering is not optional you need to avoid but you must try suffering it in order to know whether you are already mature guy or not to take higher responsibility.

Life is moving neutral, when you think that you are feeling weakness, so your mind and body will become weak automatically, when you think you don’t want to do , life is not supporting you, when you don’t want to see any better opportunity, life will not offer you the opportunity, the persistent guy is always seeing another point of view where it is having greatness in his blind spot area, there’s way how to train your mind to think better is callousing our mindset and doing something even though you dislike it, once the brain is well-trained, your memory brain will forget the suffering and your destiny is changing rapidly.

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