Why does almighty GOD allow pain and suffering?

I would like to talk about the reason why Almighty GOD allow pain and suffering, now i will share there’s something important about the benefit of pain and suffering from another point of view, maybe you do not like so much about the existence of pain and suffering, but if we dig up the information about pain from the neutral minded person, we will find the positive energy from the pain as well as the suffering.
self control is ultimate power to change everything

My question to answer the major curiosity above is why we should engage suffering? Is it normal life or not? Suffering comes when we are interested so much with the valuable object or priceless other things but we don’t have enough capability to sustain it, the great sustainer is coming from the well-established mentality power, we can’t possess it except we have trained it at range 10,000 hours – 80,000 hours, during that long period you must try to solve as many as problem from your surroundings, such as your friend’s problem, your conflict with your colleague, conflict with your passion, etc.
pain is energy, suffering is dream

Basically pain and suffering is created by almighty GOD to educate human being how to utilize and learn the potential energy wisely, the potential energy covers wind, air, water, fire, and earth. But if we don’t learn something from the potential energy, we will be drowned or being diminished by the potential energy itself, for example; when someone gets nausea during making a trip, means he inhaled wind lots, but why not everyone gets nausea during making a trip, that is the potential energy’s effect, another example; when someone is drowning in the sea, but why not everyone is drowning in the sea?, because when someone is drowning because his power of afraid is increasing and he is not expert swimmer.

From the positive mind’s judgment, we conclude that negativity will not obsess the positive mind because negative and positive are standing side by side in this life, it’s inevitable, pain can be used to engage good characteristic such as commitment, discipline and consistent, the reason why most people fail at the beginning stage during fulfilling the career because they don’t want to taste pain (discipline, commitment and consistent), but if we can’t defend ourselves from the pain’s effect, it makes us to engage bad characteristic automatically such as regret, indifferent, disappointment, broken- hearted, envy, jealous.