Why every instant solution is not always running well?

Today I would like to talk about how to prove why every instant solution is not always running well, this kind of method usually has been chosen by type of person who doesn’t want to see the long process, every creature in this universe dwell with their own limit, once they want to create something instantly, the result will end instantaneous, so stop expectation but running your appreciation.

Every solution will not give everybody get a peace, but the solution will give you a lesson that solution will not proceed well when it has not been tested yet beforehand, so basically the instant solution is just like the emergency button, it is created to prevent us from the disaster or something dangerous will happen, and the instant solution is used to stop something complexity which is running in our complexity.
this method is not shortcut, but cheating

Don’t just rely on the instant solution for promoting your life career because these methods will not compatible with the human’s problem, indeed the instant solution will make you feel stressed and you will not get the new resourcefulness from the instant solution, now the main question is why every instant solution is not always running well? Because once you utilize it to make comparison between your passion with your today’s event, the end result will make you disappointed.
use the right way, not use the shortcut

The instant solution is living in this world in order to stop the emergency or the unexpected thing, it’s living to the complexity world, not living to the human’s peace world, I will give you point of view how to recognize as well as use the kind of solution, the first thing you need to do is define the problem and generate the solution, problem will not offer solution but every solution you take will offer another problem, so the problem is not issue anymore, they only need a process to resolve themselves.