Why everyone needs speed to create solution?

Speed doesn't mean making instant solution

I would like to share about the reason why everyone needs speed to create solution, they do it because they don’t believe about hope, they don’t believe about future, they don’t believe about the life process and they just believe with the fastest or the instant solution.

most people run for time being, not creating the opportunity in time being

They are many ways which make humans avoid the long process towards the right solution, the first reason is they think that long process is part of wasting time and most people are believing with other people’s successful story because success’s story is more important rather than the failure price, the second reason is they are just reasoning the power of faith doesn’t work to overcome human’s problem and it can’t be applied to the new generation, the third reason is most people think that speed will offer more opportunity rather than taking risk, the fourth reason is every human consider that instant solution will minimize the risk which probably happening, that’s why they need strong reason to skip the process, in fact the skipping process will take more risky rather than offering more the positive effect.
fast is not part of time problem, but your problem

For example, you are in ablaze building and you are trapped in the fifth floor, there’s window next to you, on the other hand the door is full of fire and it’s locked by the ruining the material from above, my question is what will you do then? You are jumping over the windows through the fifth floor’s building as the instant result or you will try to break everything around you in order to get the door and try to clear the path from the ruining materials when you.

type of believer

 the conclusion I take based on the example I mentioned is the most reason have been taken by humans because they think their method are working and they are lack of faithfulness but in fact their reason are never being tested beforehand, so the fast solution is having different meaning with guarantee, every fast solution doesn’t offer the qualified guarantee otherwise the fast solution offers the risk and those fake reason are being made from the human’s standard level, not coming from the wisdom.