Why life needs costs from human being?

Today I would like to talk about reason why life needs costs from human being? Maybe you think this question is absurd, but I will elucidate my reasoning why this question needs to be reviewed for a while, the first thing is life is a place where it provides buying and selling system, so when there’s buying and selling at this life, definitely there must be product or service within.

The second thing why life needs costs from human being because life is just a place where it just offering a satisfaction to human being, so when human being has desire so much to buy the world, there must be value to be exchanged with the price. If you want to comprehend what type of lifestyle you need to stay with you, you must provide something valuable from your product, then the result of your product can be exchanged with the world’s content, if you want to understand this world, you must focus on value, not dealing with price, once you focus on expanding your best product value plus you provide a good service, that is the prerequisite to change the world, none other method works.

Don’t become limited price, and also don't just consider your product by limiting your mindset, because that mindset will confine your craft, in addition you will not find your passion if you proceed that mindset, so you also need to upgrade your worthless product such as commitment and consistent, without approving both of them in your mind, you will find your skill to be diminished by time, your upgraded skill also can determine where your passion going and it will help you to coordinate where your lifestyle will stay, I would suggest you with the additional note; before you buy the world’s content, please believe deeply your philosophy because it is part of purpose in which will lead you to be top position in your whole career, once you succeed on your upgraded skill and philosophy, life will chase you.


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