Why motivation can’t change the human’s faith?

Today I would like to talk about the question why motivation can’t change the human’s faith?, this question will not make you down while you have tried to convince yourself by attending motivation class, but this question has meant to observe that the human’s faith will not become a well matched couple with the motivation, the reason is the motivation’s word is just bunch of empty ideas which ensures you to not allowing yourself to do in the wrong purpose in which case doesn’t match with the passion you really want to do.

The human’s faith can’t be followed by passion, the passion is just needing a leading figure to ensure that they will follow the standard, the human's faith is like programmer, it is indestructible, so following passion is not always bringing you to the opportunity, passion is just like a fuel, it gives you the energy how to make a history within your life career, if you follow your passion, it will fascinate the center of attention circle of yours and you will live on your own curiosity, not leaning into your dream.

Basically human’s faith will not be decreased when it has been used for creating something for the higher purpose, that’s mean when you have practiced your faith to explore, it will be exploding automatically and it will lead human to make the determination, so follow the passion is just wasting time because it’s the human’s renewable resources, so making a good purpose is the authentic way how to predict your future although you haven’t engaged the motivation lecture, so the motivation is just a fuel, it has same meaning with the human’s faith.

 If you have strong passion or strong motivation but if you inactivate your faith to believe it, the human’s strong passion will be declined automatically, the strong passion will be multiplying in numbers when someone has desire to change from something invaluable thing to become the valuable thing, that’s the real motivation works on you.