Why people are drowned by their willingness

Today I would like to talk about the reason why people are drowned by their willingness, I want to make something clear that every willingness is not nightmare, but every willingness is God’s gift which it has been given to the typical person who wants to improve something in order to live better in the bright future, when you have willingness to something different or something great in which case you haven’t had it beforehand, that is not kind of punishment to scare you, but willingness is kind of the way how Almighty GOD compels human being to getting out from the life standard they were spending most the time with, Almighty GOD wants to entertain humans with willingness in order to make humans’ life so meaningful, He hopes the humans insist to fulfill that willingness and bring it to the real world, willingness only needs time, creative, vision and human’s determination in which case they will be exchanged with the reward, if someone is having wisdom and freedom to create something, that is the biggest reward from Almighty GOD.

The human’s willingness can’t be manipulated or can’t be ruled by the ordinary decisiveness, but willingness is one way to measure how far someone can walk with his dream and go together to the favorite place without any doubt, although someone doesn’t know what happen in the future, but when he has succeeded to convince his dream, he will not be drowned by willingness.

It doesn’t matter how small or big of willingness you have, willingness will scary when you stop moving forward, you may seem not find the clearest work  when you do it continuously, but life is mysterious, whether you will fail or success, anyhow you will taste one of them, when life is knocking your life down, means you will be endowed with special qualities by proving your own luck.

Luck will not happen when you haven’t committed with your willingness, instead you will be drowning in your willingness if stop moving forward, don’t worry about it, when you make your time as your partner, time will let you keep going forward until you will find sign of luck, that is the closest solution how to unlock your next potential, yes indeed the closest solution doesn’t guarantee your outcome result, but at least the closest solution will make you happier during you undergo the unachievable moment, Strategy and tactic in your daily activity don’t help you to reduce your willingness, but strategy and tactic are just making different thing from what you started in the first line until what you end to the next line process.

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