Why speed is not creating an easy solution?

Today I would like to discuss about the topic why speed is not creating an easy solution, as you know that every people who live in their problem, they need concrete solution, in fact they aren’t getting out of dilemma, the main cause is most of them are dwelling in their worries, they haven’t realized that every an easy solution like a shortcut way, it has different meaning with the right way.

What difference between the shortcut way and the right way, the shortcut ways means the kind of way is intended to skip the process without following the consecutive steps, whereas the right way means the kind of way is intended to give respect to the consecutive steps even though the process need several times to generate solution and it usually needs long process to create the end result.

The question is, why do people deliberately to skip the process, in fact they need solution, if the process steps is deleted, there will be more risk and the new mistake will be reborn, the most important thing to engage the best solution is not depending on speed, but it depends on the consecutive process, solution doesn’t need you to enjoy it, whether you like it or not the process, you need to prove that there’s silver lining behind the cloud.

If someone doesn’t enjoy the process, that’s mean he is entering to the wrong purpose, the main cause why most people unwittingly get into the wrong purpose because they just hope a reward, in fact there is no meaningful reward that will be given to someone when there is no happiness in long end process, in fact most people don’t realize  the truly wrong purpose is often offering the regretful feeling rather than happiness in the end journey, so get a clear solution doesn’t mean get a fast solution, but a clear solution needs a happiness in process, without engaging the happiness state, there will be more risk and more failure which can attack to the human mentality, please be freely people who always observe something meaningful in their mindset and stop expecting too much about reward, because every solution will offer a new problem, so enjoying the long process is part of biggest reward you have never seen it, my suggestion is starting to get a happiness state in process, focus on the right method and enjoy the process, once you succeed to enjoy the process, keep striving until the real reward will appear automatically in the reality.