Why waiting revolution is useless?

I would like to talk about the reason why waiting revolution is useless, there are several things I would share in this topic, the first thing we should know that revolution means the new way to transform from the undeveloped area walks around towards to the expectation area, such as the beautiful butterfly was born in this world after passing the long metamorphosis process from the maggots.
Future is like the greatest creature and picky eater

We don’t know what will happen in the future, so waiting nothing today is part of useless activity, because future is still mystery, so if you don’t want to do something better today, you automatically forfeit your future, that’s law, making revolution is part of studious young habits, within that circle parameter area, you must create something to driven your majority passion to the wondrous area which it’s offering much option within.
Life is offering costs and benefits

To know the result whether we do better or not in today’s time, we can review from our knowledge, if we can create the innovative idea to make ingenuity, not making destruction, have the vast knowledge and have different many ways to evolve, that is the proven result and also reward which it is given by revolution to the type of person who is willingly to earn from it, every revolution actually can’t be waited but it can be learned from the symptom of unnatural thing. When you feel bad in your life, that’s sign of revolution which is trying to tell you that you need to unlearn something wrong and stop expectation from the uncertain things, that’s the biggest moment you need to observe.

There are many ways how to lead our destiny to get the new revolution, the simple method how to get revolution is spending your time to study about the unnatural thing or learn how to make wise decision from the bad things you have experienced with and also feeding your brain memory to read lots, see lots, hear lots and feel lots in order to create the critical question, and you use that critical question to upgrade your previous standard, that’s several steps you need to follow and obey if you want to create better future, there is nothing else matter completely different except you make the reasonable reason in your steps.  

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