World needs a price but it is cruel

In this topic I would like to talk about reason this world needs a price but it’s cruel, it can influence many people to worship money, if we just focus on the world’s content, our feeling will start to tremble because the world’s price is very expensive and cruel, but if we focus to dig up resourcefulness in this life, we have many possibilities to get a priceless things within it.

Unfortunately many people in this world are loving much with the world’s content and focus on the world’s price only so that they will sacrifice something but they forget the basic rule “to buy thing, you need the valuable thing to pay off” 
If humans don’t want to get the valuable thing from this life, they will not find the meaning of happiness even though they can buy the world’s content, that’s very dangerous thing.
money is having kindness and evil purpose

            I must remind you that the world can be represented with the money, I will share the money’s characteristic you need to know, money is a deadly weapon, cruel, evil and it will attack you back when you can’t dominate the money’s characteristic, when you don’t know how to use it for good purpose, money will give your wrong direction and it stops your creativity plus it offers you the false satisfaction to your feeling, as result you will feel so complicated in your daily life, money has a limited price, stagnant and it has no respect to human being, it has huge potential to decrease the human’s faith when human is attracted so much with the money’s price, sometimes we need to hack our mind to stay away from money’s price and seek the money’s weaknesses, that’s the key how to avoid the money’s slavery.

            Money will give you huge reward after you can dominate the life’s rule and money will give you chance to grow your capability when you succeed to interpret the meaning of life, that is very important hint and it more valuable rather than money’s price, life has the special hint and it knows how to seek the money’s weaknesses, here are several basic rule how to help you monitoring the money’s weaknesses, the first thing is don’t try to sell your dignity with money, the second thing is make your time as your partner and you can cooperate with it, let the time gives you opportunity to evolve, and ask them to measure your value then monitor your plan how you keep growing your mentality power to attack the money’s habit.


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