How can I build my self esteem?

Today I would like to share about self esteem, the social problem which is happening to the human being is lack of self esteem, they think self esteem will come automatically in their life, but who has not enough the confidence during they fulfil the career, most people think feeling of confidence can be upgraded through making good experience, or accomplish a new achievement, doing hobby, studying new language and so on.

Being studious young man is choice, no one who wants to keep himself in low standard as long as he lived in society, when someone feels totally unrelated with his standard, he will try to improve everything he needs to make himself confident, the factor which makes someone being unreliable is making the same mistake in the same standard, so what is he doing to make himself come back in self esteem? The first thing he should do is He must love about the productive activity, not unproductive activity such as building skill like attending the course, attending seminar, counselling with guru, studying how to be successful person.

Self esteem characteristic is not related with having good stuff or worldly stuff, when someone is trying to build self esteem, he is trying to prepare some skills to wait something bigger in the future, remember this note: happiness is a choice, not result, nothing will make you happy until you find way to choose to be happily person, no one can get happier in his life if he will not pass the moment he has created, then surround yourself with purity love, protect your heart with integrity.

I will give you additional information how to keep your health, keep your wealth and keep your happily ever after. The first note: don’t just dwell on your obsession because your individual happiness will not grow up, the second note: don’t work on your weaknesses, means doing the unproductive activity such as being couch potato all the time you have or you have associated with the toxic people, and the third note: don’t treat people with unfairly advantage. those are the secrets how to comprehend your self esteem

Why not everyone can buy dignity?

Today I would like to talk about dignity, as we know that dignity is human’ special characteristic which can determine what kind of person wants to become  in the future, sense of important and value will adhere to the person who brings a good influence and the result will bring big impact to many people.
respect and dignity will create harmonious 

The reason why not everyone can buy dignity because they are not willingly to pay something benefit from their belongings to as many as people, dignity will adhere when someone was responsible for the thing he had prepared in the pastime and he promoted it in order to get source of information from other people’s experience, as we know in the modern area is representing the digital technology, some people are sharing about their product value in short term but the rest people are not willingly to pay something big in their future because they are afraid of changes which may injure to their last reputation, last reputation will create the number of profit, but not earning benefit, benefit will come to us after we did it consistently.

When someone is not trying something to prove about what he deserves, he will not get benefits from his mistake, I just want to remind you that not every mistake will end the mistake because some benefits of mistake will generate good results and every good result comes from the series productive mistake, if someone doesn’t want to bring his ambition to the crisis state, that mean he doesn’t create productive mistake, the implication of their action will not get dignity and all possibility will end futile.

People who have dignity characteristic, they will not show about his result of weaknesses, but he will promote about the benefit he has made, at the first career he doesn’t aim earning a lot of money because he knows dignity needs long term process to grow, after many years later, finally his dignity will create big opportunity until it will become self-confidence and the money will come from the unexpected ways.

What is the meaning of self esteem builder?

Today I would try to explain about what is the meaning of self-esteem builder, as we know that every human wants to get confidence during fulfilling their career, unfortunately no one knows how to obtain the confidence under work pressure and self esteem builder is not going to work when people haven’t committed with their passion and creativity.

Self-esteem builder is part of unlimited wealth which is helping human to determine about the improvement in order to teach human how to get a self-esteem in everlasting, how will I know we can detect self esteem builder, The first thing is you have to ask yourself about “what factor makes me happy with the good values I have recently, the second thing is you must explore about what kind of ability will facilitate yourself in order to get the true happiness.

Without any friction or the life pressure such hungry and poverty, we will not get the meaning of self esteem builder, in many years many people are trying to get self esteem but averagely they have lost the meaning of it because they just obsess about their satisfaction, please take a note: self esteem builder is not talking about each person’s satisfaction only, but it is talking about the clear purpose of life and it will demand you to build something valuable thing and give your best preparation to facilitate other people achieving the kindness in addition let they stick together with your ability, that is the secret how to create self esteem builder.

The characteristic of self-esteem builder is always having good influence to make people aware about the meaning of kindness, self esteem builder is the kind of facilitation which is ensuring other people can go to the next destination safely, self-esteem builder always demands you to prepare best facilitation in every single day to other people, facilitation means you must prepare your attitude, update your aptitude, keep your health, raise your standard of virtue, improve your basic mentality and upgrade your naturalistic intelligent, all your best facilitation will help you paying the self esteem you want to live together with it.

Why the impatient person can’t see the clear purpose?

Today I would like to discuss about the question why the impatient person can’t see the clear purpose, maybe you will think that the complex problem is the main cause, now we will try to deepen the main cause why the impatient person goes blind in his target, as we know the suffering is optional, whether you want to choose it or not, the suffering will be there and it has been run long time ago before the human was born naturally, that’s reason we need to comprehend about the meaning of it.

At this moment I would like to explore how to reduce the bad influence which is making the human having the impatient characteristic, as we know the implication of impatient will not attack us as long as we have opened our eyes to see lots and observe lots about our mission, if there’s no friction, our eyes will not work double as the suffering people see about their recent condition, what will we do now? The first thing we should do is research about what problem will evoke our mindset to think about the bad thing, the second thing is we observe about what factor will invite the bad thing to come closer in our mindset.

After we spend our time to research about two factors of the problems above, day by day our mindset can see the clear purpose because we succeed to convince our mindset with good influence, the reason why the impatient person can't see the clear purpose because the impatient characteristic are refilling their heart with full of doubt, the impatient characteristic usually attacks people who don’t have self-motivated, how to ensure whether you are being impatient or not, it is depending from your questioning and your reasoning result, the stronger reason you created, the more opportunity you open a lot, the more question you created, the more opportunity to answer all doubts, if you really have strong reason to make valuable thing for other people’s needs, that mean you have taught yourself how to become patient person.

The fearfulness vs the satisfaction

satisfaction is fantastic seducer but it's lousy teacher

Today I would like to talk about the human’s satisfaction and human’s fearfulness, in this article I would like to discuss how to recognize between the fearfulness and satisfaction, as we know the fearfulness will grow in the human’s life because it has been trained by the human’s habit and the main cause of fearfulness is lack of resourcefulness to the object which may related with reality, the fearfulness is getting bigger when human being are trying to escape from his main cause of fearfulness, it’s law.
leave the satisfaction zone is one way to get awesome 

Whereas satisfaction doesn’t need to be trained in the reality life because it’s running naturally, but if someone is trying to magnifying his satisfaction, it will drag the human’s fearfulness and anxiety, the most horrible thing which may happen to the reality is when someone is ignoring the ignorance, unwittingly he comes into depth of despair because he deliberately neglects any opportunity to come from the unexpected direction, as matter of much his result of decision will guide him to the undistinguished career.
the success is the bottom part of fulfilling the career

Sometimes we must open our eyes a lot, we need to get up our soul and we do something benefit to neutralize the unstable emotional feeling, we must realize when the combination between the unstable emotional feeling comes, that’s the symptom we are getting into the life’s suffering area, the desperation will not occur when it will not be invited by human’s secure feeling and desperation will come faster when human are trying to magnify their expectation then their expectation contradicts with reality, that’s law.
the fearfulness is the mind killer

 The fearfulness needs training to grow as well as the achieving the career’s, if we want to achieve the good career, that’s mean we need to conquer our fearfulness, that’s law, and the successful people know if they want to achieve good career, they will drag his emotional intelligence to embrace the higher purpose to come in the uncomfortable zone to face the negativity, before the bad influence is getting worse, so we must train our emotional feeling by being great listener to listen our intuition and also listen from the successful people’s opinion, then we train our mentality to accept the complex problem, that’s the way how to dismiss our old unproductive habit and try to accept the dislike, that is the secret how to conquer fearfulness and avoid the satisfaction.
Achieving a life career in this life, be faithful with Almighty GOD, that's law

Life is full of uncertainty; everything good can be turned in the positive side but not all good can be considered as guidance because one of them is optional suffering, so what we need to do now is try to reduce too much expectations and try to facing the unconditional suffering, that’s the ultimate test to fulfill the life career.

What difference between self-assertive and self-discipline?

self-discipline is a man, self-assertive is ladder

Today I would like to talk about what difference between self-assertive and self-esteem, most people are thinking self-assertive and self-discipline are part of strategies to build a good reputation, but now we will try to deepen the meaning of self-assertive and self-discipline.

Basically the reputation can be built throughout self-discipline but self-assertive can’t, why do I say that? Because the man who prioritizes self-assertive characteristic that he is able to makes himself a center of attraction, he is having full of confidence to give opinion to others people although other people don't care about it, self-assertive person usually thinks about "what other people want", and then he will try to fulfill what other people want, whereas self-discipline person prioritizes the long term plan and having clear purpose to build self-esteem
self-discipline is producing the pain in success

 Self-discipline usually has aimed the long term target in order to measure between his capability with the reality and he will invest his time and enthusiasm to learn the big pressing problem which may happen in every single day, someone who has self-discipline characteristic, he will draw everything benefit from the big pressing problem although he doesn’t like it, whereas self-assertive person usually aims the short term target and ignore the sophisticated moment which may happen in long term, self-assertive person usually spends his time to give opinion or judgment to many people in order to be accepted in the society, and then he deepens his opinions until one of best opinion will be liked by group of people in society.
self-assertive person prioritizes about what others want and he will resolve it soon

Self-discipline person always ignores the unimportant event which may not related with his daily target because he realizes the true ambition is discipline, he will do consistently no matter what It takes, he will sacrifice time and enthusiasm to promote his career through habit.

Why the massive result requires big ambition?

big ambition needs strongest determination within you

Today I would like to share about the statement why the massive result requires big ambition, the first reason to explain the meaning of it: every result comes from the combination between repetition and preparation, both are needing the fixed plan from human’s mindset, repetition and preparation must be embedded in order to make the target seemingly achievable, good preparation usually has demanded the human to do something benefit and it usually has been done in the short term effort, whereas the repetition is part of ritual in order to ensure the target is obviously measurable and reasonable.

Doing something benefit at once can’t be considered as the massive result, but it must be repeated in several times in order to shape the right mindset, no one knows when all the right elements come together in our grasp, all we need to do is patience and perseverance, in the daily activity we must estimate how much time we need to enlarge the potential which is coming from our last mistake or our accomplishment in the past time, we must ensure the last effort will create feedback in order to minimize making the unproductive mistake.
embrace the challenge and leave comfort zone in order to get massive result

 To obtain the massive action, we must get up and learn many feedback from outer resources such as the human’s talk in order to countermeasure the changes may happen, if there’s no good feedback from the previous preparation we have made it, that means our strategy was stagnant. If so, we must check why our last strategy was still stagnant and didn’t make a highly significant discovery at in the pastime, we can start to observe the respond from other people who are interested about our last accomplishment, ensuring our last accomplishment will make appropriate feedback, if we didn’t make it, relax and not quit, we must keep going.
Open the strategy and explore the tactic

The larger opportunity usually will notify us when we comprehend the last feedback we receive, and a good feedback usually comes to us when we have made the best preparation which has been authenticated before long. Now we will try to survey why many people stop trying after getting the massive result, the first analysis: people are faithful with the wrong references and they distrust the next opportunity, the second analysis is they think the massive result is the final destination, the third analysis is the big ambition is ambiguous and bunch of empty ideas. I hope after you read this article, you will find the truthfulness around you and you can start to improve your career as well as other people’s career.

Why 1980s people were greedy in money?

Today I would like to share how to learn 1980’s people mindset, at that time many people’s live in the poverty state, every day they feel insecure because of lack of money, almost every single day they use their mentality to earn money although they hadn’t had enough experience.

On the other hand their government can’t provide a lot of jobs to the society, so when people need something to make them survived, they sacrificed their time and their vitality to get some money, every single day they faced the ghastly insurmountable thing, we observed based on the statistic data, in the year 1980s many people had lost their dream and their ambition because of possessing the money’s habit namely greedy.

 We all know that money is part of essential thing in the human’s living, but we forget that money can’t activate the human’s virtue, so whatever we do for the money, all result will turn everything valuable into powerless, once the money has succeeded to educate the human’s mindset, the money will erase all human’s hope of quest and human’s purpose of life, that is the most dangerous had ever happened in year 1980’s generation.

After 1980’s generation was over, the next generation still were not got the training program from their parents how to learn the financial freedom in the daily habit, so the chain of greedy characteristic still embed strongly to the new generation’s mindset, this condition can’t be abandoned, so we need to make new revolution by educating the next generation how to recognize the money’s habit.

The greedy characteristic usually attacks to the person who doesn’t have the viable financial monitoring in the daily routine activity, and also the greedy characteristic usually attacks to the type of person who doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur, here is the clue: the main reason why the greedy characteristic is attacking the human’s mindset because most people assume the greedy characteristic is part of their life standard and they think money is the basic necessity

 The ambitious person and the greedy person are having different meaning; the ambitious person considers the time is the most essential asset how to generate the passion and the creativity; the ambitious person makes both resourcefulness work together in order to create the quest, whereas the greedy person always considers money will secure his satisfaction and he is no having long term mindset to secure money from his satisfaction, remember this note: when people sacrifice all human virtue for money, the human will lose dignity, lose of significant, lose creativity and lose the integrity, it's natural law

The minor habit vs The major habit

Today I would like to share how to differentiate the minor habit and the major habit, as we know most people comment that habit can’t be changed for everlasting life, but now I will try to invite you to think together how to make new habit without feeling of regret, in the new century that not every human being can recognize their habits because they consider that habit will control everything they have without permission, but now I will try to reveal something hidden through the habit and discuss why so many people ignore their habit until finally they give up entirely.

The minor habit usually will not work if there is no friction or giving the training from the human mindset, the minor habits usually run itself if there’s big risk impact will happen to the particular person who wants to evolve, and the insurmountable thing can’t defeat to the man who can rotate his minor habit.

We need to distinguish between human’s mentality, virtue and passion, if we know how to apply the contrast between them, three of them will create the true of ambition for the human’s well-being, true ambition is discipline by doing something valuable to generate the special aptitude, there’s no man can be called as good man if he can’t apply discipline into his daily habit, the discipline can turn from the unproductive thing to become productive, if we keep doing consistently the minor habit, it will dominate our habit space area and it will turn into gears.

The minor habit can’t work automatically because the Minor habit belongs to discipline, consistent and commitment, three of them will be servant and it can be commanded by the human who is having super conscious mind, the ordinary people will not obsess the minor habit whereas the major habit will work to fulfill the human’s needs such as eating, drinking, sleeping and working, it lies into the human’s subconscious reflex nerves.

There is additional information: The unlimited wealth doesn’t grow under the major habit, but the unlimited wealth can be trained through the human’s minor habit, the purpose of the major habit’s function is making the human’s feeling satisfied whereas the purpose of the minor habit’s function is generating the human’s new potential and ensure the human always survive during facing the ghastly insurmountable thing.

What important thing needs to be prepared from now?

Today I would like to share what’s important thing needs to be prepared from now, as we know that many people are concerned so much about the daily target, they will afraid when they can’t achieve the target, most people think daily target is important rather than everything, but there is something missing in their target namely the long term mindset and the clear vision.

We must know that someone who is having clear vision, it will help him to create an infinite universe in their mindset, without having clear vision, they don’t know what’s biggest thing we need to evolve, the reason why most people are easily to be failed in the short time period because they just prioritize to fulfill their feeling of satisfaction by doing the same standard and same mistake, if they do such thing, unwittingly they make the worst plan in their whole life namely forget about having small happiness in the short time period, the meaning of having small happiness are divided into two things: the first thing is someone  has the rich healthy to create new path to generate his idea and the second thing is someone has a much free time to make a new creation in every single day, that’s daily homework we need to build as the VIP  target.

If we want to know what important thing we need to prepare from now, we need to observe about the different orientation between our fearfulness and our satisfaction, without recognizing the differences between both, we will go to the desperation area in the long time period, the main reason is the satisfaction is one of human character which it doesn’t want to promise the prosperous living, that’s ideology we need to learn from it, the satisfaction will ensure you are going to lose hope to get the real happiness and the true ambition in the long time period.

make enlightenment creates new creation and new resources in every single day 

The fearfulness and satisfaction are not helping us to create value in the long time period, indeed it will diminish our aptitude and our mentality in the short time period, time and hope are living in the self-motivated person’s mindset and he is always targeting new creation in every single day, that’s prerequisite to engage the big difference and how to obtain the prosperous living in everlasting life.

Why comfortable can’t create security?

Today I would like to share about the topic why comfortable can’t create security, long time ago many people were arguing how to create comfortable by earning much money in every single day, but in the reality many people were still poor at that time because they didn’t know how to confront their financial problem, the main cause I want to reveal “they can’t secure the emotional feeling”

The comfortable feeling can be created when people succeed to secure their desire through daily habit, clear their doubt from insurmountable problem is the most accurate method how to deal with uncomfortable situation, feeling comfortable can’t be validated in permanent condition because it can’t change the rule, it creates security otherwise the comfortable seduces you to work on your weaknesses, and also it makes you think that you are not going to evolve.

comfortable creates unproductive thing

The things are most at risk in the human’s life is when people decide to leave the routines job activity or the comfort zone and people start to do business, during the first time period, the circumstance will make we feel uncomfortable, we feel perplexed, finally we will live in this world insecure, if one day we feel bad with such condition, we just need to embrace the insurmountable thing to build mentality to secure the essential life, without friction we will not grow up.
embrace the risk  and learn from it

So how can we improve? We just need to remember this note; when we feel lost love, lost the significance, lost attention, etc. that mean we need to leave the comfort zone and start to do business to secure our essential life such as build good reputation, build self-esteem, build a trust to other people, that’s example how to face any risk which may happen in our daily life, otherwise when we feel comfortable in the comfort zone area, that’s mean our special skill is going to ruin because we prioritize the self-satisfaction rather than building self-esteem.

What is difference between ambition and greedy?

the greedy people don't have self-control

Today I would like to share about difference between ambition and greedy, that’s part of human’s characteristic, but now we will try to learn the setback from the common failure which may attack on the human’s ambition, ambition usually will not hassle in the human daily activity but the greedy characteristic always hassle the human’s creativity over and over again until the human being can’t differentiate the distinction between the ambition and greedy.
true ambition is discipline

The greedy characteristic usually will not let the human being to be patient during fulfilling the career, every good ambition can measure the human’s capacity otherwise the greedy can’t measure the human’s capacity, instead it usually evokes the people’s mindset to take profit as much as they can without considering the risk in the last moment.
ambitious people are always become persistent

The ambition can be measured by applying our discipline, consistent and commitment in our daily habit, there’s no man can predict about his future except he is doing what he loves it in the daily habit, the ambition really respects with the progress without breaking the law, as the long way said “there’s no elevator to elevate us to the success, only the stairs to make us walk to the success”
ambitious people are having self-motivated rather than common people

In the 1980’s, many people had educated their children to get a job and they turn their children’s mindset to become greedy to earn money, the main reason because they think money can change something importance in this life, if the their mindset was true, why so many people were not getting the prosperous during earning the money, my consideration to answer their mindset that their mindset were educated by money long time ago and unwittingly money had educated people to be money making machine for everlasting, so we can learn from 1980’s people mindset that they were talking about the speculation, not talking about the realistic, if we want to create the clear ambition, stop focusing on our obsession the right now and starting to make long term mindset to shape a new pattern of courage, after we have enough courage, we are ready to fuel our ambition to create an accomplishment, and finally we can see our new destiny.