Don’t use your major money in the minor thing

Today I would like to share about the statement “don’t use your money in the minor thing, the meaning of that statement is don’t just use your money for fulfilling your satisfaction because you will not get the important value from that method, sometimes we need to sacrifice our satisfaction and focus to do different thing in our routine daily activity.

The meaning of major money is having a big capital and it exceeds your daily needs, otherwise the meaning of the minor thing is self-satisfaction without considering the next destination or dream, from that case, we need to do allocate our time, our money and our ambition, then we put them to the separate space area, don’t put them together because your ambition will accelerate rapidly, we need to make a plan in order to save the capital from the money’s habit.
Money habit is the devil's character

The money habits always attack the human’s ambition and the money will make someone blinded and it can’t allow the human being to see any opportunity, if we put the ambition to the money’s habit, we will not make the money working for us, the reason why I say such thing because money is not making you get motivated, but money implants the bad habits to us.
check your habit and check your ambition as priority matter

When we think ambition is very important, all we need to do is standardizing our ambition and our capability first, we can’t let them working alone, if our ambition’s standard is higher than our capability, we need to set the long term mindset in order to accelerate our action, money is representing your standard, when you earn a lot of money but in the daily life you utilize it for upgrading your capacity, meaning you use your major money in the major thing, but if you use your major money for fulfilling your satisfaction without considering the risk from it, you will become a broke man and you will be risking your own career.