How can I build my self esteem?

Today I would like to share about self esteem, the social problem which is happening to the human being is lack of self esteem, they think self esteem will come automatically in their life, but who has not enough the confidence during they fulfil the career, most people think feeling of confidence can be upgraded through making good experience, or accomplish a new achievement, doing hobby, studying new language and so on.

Being studious young man is choice, no one who wants to keep himself in low standard as long as he lived in society, when someone feels totally unrelated with his standard, he will try to improve everything he needs to make himself confident, the factor which makes someone being unreliable is making the same mistake in the same standard, so what is he doing to make himself come back in self esteem? The first thing he should do is He must love about the productive activity, not unproductive activity such as building skill like attending the course, attending seminar, counselling with guru, studying how to be successful person.

Self esteem characteristic is not related with having good stuff or worldly stuff, when someone is trying to build self esteem, he is trying to prepare some skills to wait something bigger in the future, remember this note: happiness is a choice, not result, nothing will make you happy until you find way to choose to be happily person, no one can get happier in his life if he will not pass the moment he has created, then surround yourself with purity love, protect your heart with integrity.

I will give you additional information how to keep your health, keep your wealth and keep your happily ever after. The first note: don’t just dwell on your obsession because your individual happiness will not grow up, the second note: don’t work on your weaknesses, means doing the unproductive activity such as being couch potato all the time you have or you have associated with the toxic people, and the third note: don’t treat people with unfairly advantage. those are the secrets how to comprehend your self esteem