How to enjoy the mistake during improving the career?

Today I would like to share about the question “how to enjoy the mistake during improving the career”, this question looks absurd because everybody will think enjoying the mistake is getting you stressed and probably enjoying the mistake will make you depressed, I absolutely agree that not everyone will accept the mistake because the ordinary people comments “only the fools enjoy the mistake”.

From that statement, we can counter that comment above by proving them wrong, mistake is not always making everyone feels stupid because everybody is being graced to be new creature during was born at the first time on earth, so there is no excuse to avoid the mistake because when we avoid the mistake, we will create tons of mistake and dwell with them together.

The most dangerous risk thing in this life is when human is not taking the risk, the reason why I say that because behind every risk, there is an opportunity,  I quote from the Chinese word character “wei ji”=危机, wei ji is the words combination which its having mean “the risk and the opportunity”, or they can be said as “the crisis”, that the secret how to enjoy the mistake during improving the career.

When the mistake comes to you and it disturbs your power of focus, so you need to motivate yourself with the highest reward you will wait in the future, let the reward’s imagination will trigger your ambition and keep you learning about the scope area you need to improve, I am sure you will find your own luck by greeting the crisis problem within your life, don’t just think every mistake is representing stupidity, In fact, mistake is adhered to you because that’s kind of life test to make you better and stronger, if you avoid to learn the mistake, you will create tons of mistakes.