How to live normally in this life?

I would like to share about the topic how to live normally in the this life, as we know that every working schedule in this life is trying separate away between our happiness and the dream, we all know to survive and live in this world, we need the price to continue our life process, in order to pay a price, we need something to pay a price by using our virtues such as vitality, courage, ambition to make up our days really busy with the tight schedule until we are feeling stressed.
Looking for inspiration is part of normal life

Many people are trying to get away from the tight schedule in order to live normally, but as you know in the reality they still are reluctant to give feedback to their life and they still don’t understand to what happen with their time being, they think that money is everything in this world.
Normal life is like having child's imagination

I would like to remind you that money is the kind of transportation which take you to the next destination, if you think money is your main purpose, that’s wrong purpose, if you get depressed or stressed, don’t blame the circumstance because the money will drive you away from the kindness and also don’t blame the circumstance when the money keep you away from the final destination because all of result are based on your commitment.
this symptom you can't live with the normal life

How to live normally in the tight schedule, the first thing we are using our healthy to seek as many as inspiration by going to somewhere to sharpen the intuition, the mind quality improvement depends on the place you are looking for, the second thing; don’t force ourselves to live normal by sacrificing our happiness and live together with the unknown social community, that is not helping you to live normally, the closest solution you need to do is creating something valuable to as many as people and learn the feedback, that the secret how to build the life career and live normally, that’s the important thing we need to find it,  here is the life characteristic you need to know; life doesn’t need our money, life doesn’t your time being, but life needs your commitment, that is the real career you need to search, if money keeps you busy until you forget how to use your time to get happiness, you would better to think twice to take that job.

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