How to master habit and defeat the unpromising habit

Today I would like to share how to master habit and also we will talk how to defeat the unpromising habit, as we know in this new century, there are many people who prefer to die in the wrong purpose because they think their habit will help them to solve the problem in the exact time, but it’s too late for them to repent, the main problem is they can’t control their emotional intelligent due to the lack of resourcefulness, their mindset have been deceived by their own mindset and their mindset have been defeated by habits.
Old habit makes you stop evolving

The minor habit usually invites people to do something destructive and it lets the human’s live goes to the despair zone area, this is not good idea, so we need a strategy to change the unpromising to become promising, if we keep training the minor habit and apply it to the daily activity, we will lose our personal value because we don’t know our subconscious mind, so we will not get our focus on the target because we can’t master our majority habit, that reason we need new habit to accelerate our ambition and then bring it the new revolution.

The first thing we should do how to master habit is making comparison between our last success and our major mistake we were having in the past time, whether it will influence to the new story or not, don’t let the small mind convince us that we are not going to leave your unpromising habit, we need to create new story and new ambition in order to select which habits will accompany us to the revolution area, we must take off the unpromising habit because it can make us engaging the procrastination habits, it is not going to work and more disturbing if we keep bringing the unpromising habit to the new story.
retire the unpromising habit and plan the new habit

The second thing we should do how to defeat the unpromising habit is making bigger target in the long time period and we need to do list, keep practicing during long time period and enjoy the process, in that ritual you will find a new habit, if we want to leave our unpromising habit permanently, we need to set goals and commit with it, unless we will ask suffering and repenting will shape our destiny, I hope with this article, you will find the greatness in yours.