How to prove that you are becoming your own man

Today I would like to talk about how to prove that you are becoming your own man, many people are considering themselves that they are better than somebody else does but they still lack of confident, indeed they are trying to prove that they are still capable to do what other people don’t do, the question is why they are still unconfident?
become your own shadow, not other people's

There are many factors why they behave unconfident, the first thing is they set the higher standard rather than not living with their actual standard, the second thing is they are seeking the higher standard but they don’t set the short term how to solve it, the third thing is they confuse how to manipulate their current standard with the actual condition, so their standard are not compatible with the actual standard, or their standard fights the natural law, so they can’t accustom to dwell with the reality life.
when you did differently in yesterday, the result will give an impact today

Currently I saw myself many people were afraid of their frightening, and they still didn’t know how to finalize their frightening and choose to live normally in the society, basically the main reason why they lack of confident because they commit with their frightening and believe there’s something bad happens when they will do something better ahead, this phenomenon was often happening to people who are lack of determination.
check your mission because it will help you to create the feeling of confident

How to end of suffering is depending on the man’s aim of life, if they don’t learn from their experience of mistake, they will be victim and become a prisoner from their lifestyle, they dwell in low standard and they don’t have courage to see any opportunity ahead, so when the horrible thing happens to them, they are not ready yet to welcome it, so how to know you already prove that you become yourself is based on clear decision and clear vision about what are you going to pay, if you focus to pay the bill in your most time by giving your money, you are not going to become the new dedicated person, if you focus to pay the future by doing the valuable thing today without being paid, that’s reasonable reason to drive you to the bright future and become an extra confident guy because you already pay your future by your commitment and dedication, I would remind you; if you do everything in life for the money’s behalf, you will become the money’s victim and you will become its hostage, finally you are going to lose the worth of life, whereas if you do everything in life for the dedication, the money will not go anywhere.

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