How to recognize a second chance?

I would like to talk about how to get a second chance, as we know that a second chance will not happen when we just nothing to do at the first chance and every chance is one way how almighty GOD gives a lesson to human being, either He gives us a self-education or He asks us to unlearn our bad habit in order to make us prepare the best preparation to welcome a second chance.

How to recognize a second chance? The answer: when we were doing the best preparation to welcome the first chance at the previous time, first chance will not offer with the same content, so be careful when you will lose the first chance, when you lose the first chance, you will not get the second chance, here is the main point; the first chance is usually reminding you that you must make preparation before you will meet the first chance at the same place and same time, whereas the second chance is usually requesting your best preparation to fulfill the first chance’s requirement.

Many people are lost their way because they do something dangerous thing before they are making best preparation first, how to make the best preparation is using our time being to provide the propel channel in order to get through between our aptitude with the object or problem, here is the term to acknowledge the best preparation, the first thing is raising our standard first, starting with raising our mindset’s quality class, our speaking’s quality class, raising our attitude’s quality class, raising our knowledge’s class.

Don’t worry easily about losing the first chance because when you failed to fulfill the requirement after you have tried before, the second will not abandon or will not betray you because every tiny of your best effort had been counted before that, my suggestion is being cool person and be confident person, the key of being confident person is having best standard preparation because he knows he will meet with the bigger opportunity in which case it will test his aptitude.

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