How to train someone to become dedicated person

Today I would like to talk about how to train someone to become dedicated person, this purpose is not easy to be applied in the daily routine activity, but in the reality, we can learn something benefit from the human’s habit, the reason why we start to learn from the human’s habit because every habit represents how far the human’s ambition can determine the outcome.
the dedicated person always give more value rather than the most people do

 the first thing we should do if we want someone else becoming dedicated person is inviting him to join with the social community and give him a training course, monitor his progress until he knows exactly about the training course program, the second thing we should remember is teaching him how to take a big responsibility, I am really optimistic when someone follows the program series, his habit will motivate him how to make revolution in every life aspect, and the daily duty call must be scheduled in order to make him aware about his own habit, the third thing is giving him example of social problem which is displayed on the media or radio, trigger his emotional feeling by showing him the opportunity to evolve.
dedicated people always have big dream

The opportunity to evolve means something good will happen to him if he can show the full of dedication from what he had done in the past, after that we can show him what the most interesting value from the program series, let him explore about the topic he concern the most, ask him to make opinion about the social circumstance’s tragedy.
3D successful mindset

To prove whether he is kind of dedicated person or not, we need to train his speaking way by implementing 3D mindset in order to measure how far he walked in his life path between his past time and his present time, by improving his skill and mentality, that’s the reasonable reason way how to know whether his capability is compatible or not with his ambition, don’t let him starting his ambition first before raising his standard because having ambition without embedded creation, the result is still invalid, and he will return to the back time where he could join with many crucial social problem.

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