The fearfulness vs the satisfaction

satisfaction is fantastic seducer but it's lousy teacher

Today I would like to talk about the human’s satisfaction and human’s fearfulness, in this article I would like to discuss how to recognize between the fearfulness and satisfaction, as we know the fearfulness will grow in the human’s life because it has been trained by the human’s habit and the main cause of fearfulness is lack of resourcefulness to the object which may related with reality, the fearfulness is getting bigger when human being are trying to escape from his main cause of fearfulness, it’s law.
leave the satisfaction zone is one way to get awesome 

Whereas satisfaction doesn’t need to be trained in the reality life because it’s running naturally, but if someone is trying to magnifying his satisfaction, it will drag the human’s fearfulness and anxiety, the most horrible thing which may happen to the reality is when someone is ignoring the ignorance, unwittingly he comes into depth of despair because he deliberately neglects any opportunity to come from the unexpected direction, as matter of much his result of decision will guide him to the undistinguished career.
the success is the bottom part of fulfilling the career

Sometimes we must open our eyes a lot, we need to get up our soul and we do something benefit to neutralize the unstable emotional feeling, we must realize when the combination between the unstable emotional feeling comes, that’s the symptom we are getting into the life’s suffering area, the desperation will not occur when it will not be invited by human’s secure feeling and desperation will come faster when human are trying to magnify their expectation then their expectation contradicts with reality, that’s law.
the fearfulness is the mind killer

 The fearfulness needs training to grow as well as the achieving the career’s, if we want to achieve the good career, that’s mean we need to conquer our fearfulness, that’s law, and the successful people know if they want to achieve good career, they will drag his emotional intelligence to embrace the higher purpose to come in the uncomfortable zone to face the negativity, before the bad influence is getting worse, so we must train our emotional feeling by being great listener to listen our intuition and also listen from the successful people’s opinion, then we train our mentality to accept the complex problem, that’s the way how to dismiss our old unproductive habit and try to accept the dislike, that is the secret how to conquer fearfulness and avoid the satisfaction.
Achieving a life career in this life, be faithful with Almighty GOD, that's law

Life is full of uncertainty; everything good can be turned in the positive side but not all good can be considered as guidance because one of them is optional suffering, so what we need to do now is try to reduce too much expectations and try to facing the unconditional suffering, that’s the ultimate test to fulfill the life career.